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I have a TS-219P+ NAS drive with two 2 TB hard drives in RAID mirroring mode. Around 700 GB of disc space is used, accross 5 or 6 shared folders - all set up using the QNAP web administration and accessed via the Samba sharing by three Windows 7 PCs.

Last week I had to move the NAS unit to gain access to some unrelated cabling behind it, so I used the web administration tool to shut the drive down. Basically, it never started back up again.

I've exchanged nearly 30 messages with QNAP support and have lost confidence in them. They had me remove the hard drives and perfom a firmware reset of the NAS unit. The hard drives are back in and the NAS unit is booting up again.

It has an IP address and I can access the web administration tool. It recognises that the two 2 TB drives are there and that they are mirrored, and that there's about 700 GB used.

It does not remember any of the users that were set up, nor does it remember the shared folder names. Even the standard Public and Multimedia folders are not showing. QNAP had me restart the NAS drive without the drives again, then with them, in order to "initialise" them. All that achieved was for the NAS unit to fail to recognise one of the hard drives, and label the RAID array as being 'degraded'.

I removed and refitted the drive, and it recognises it again, and is now in the process of rebuilding the volume. It's on about 60% after 4 hours. It did this once before, about 3 months ago so I'm sure it'll get back to where it should be, but that will still be knowing that there is 700GB used but not where it is.

Short term I need to get the NAS drive properly working again, but in the immediate term I want to see the data. The drives are formatted as EXT4: I've not tried connecting one to a Windows 7 PC but have read it wouldn't read it.

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