Putty connection manager download for windows 7 64 bit

about.jpgI've moved PuTTY patch from HOWTOs here... (Old topic)This is a modified PuTTY version that has some cool features created specially for GNS3.Changelog:Quote:* create multi-tab window (better saying: find the right tool to do that) - Recommended with SuperPuTTY, see bellow
* add transparent window feature
* add GUI element for transparent window + save/load the value from registry
* add check sign for always on top menu entry (when is on).
* modifies the default window "width" form 80 to 110 (this is the hard coded default!)
* add always on top feature
* update the GUI part for all GNS3 special settings ;)
* save/load GNS3 options from registry as any other PuTTY option.
* add event log entry if can't connect to serial pipe/com.
* update some GUI messages (About dialog) + Link to GNS3 :D
* using a new approach to call the auto-restart function using PostMessage
* has a better threads management (used for auto-restart delay).
* fixed some issues related to the way same variables are used :D
* remove "-sr" option, (replaced with "-gns3")
* add the option "-gns3 " which is reconfiguring some default putty variables (check "About")
* replace all MessageBox errors with a message in the title bar (activated with -gns3)
* auto-restart a inactive session after a defined number of seconds . If NR=0 is disabled. Works with SSH/Telnet/Serial/Etc.. (activated with -gns3)
* add -skin option to change the text and background using 4 defined themes
* add the option to enable putty logging from CLI with "-log ". This will generate a new log for each connection (filename is generating from -wt or IP address)
* build standalone version using winstore.c from
* add the option to enter a '\r' in serial connection as well (previously was for telnet only)
* modify the version to GNS3 build :)
* automatically press a enter key inside the console using "-sr" CLI argument (just for telnet)
* allow to change the window title from command-line + disable the remote title feature (-wt WinTitle).TODO:Quote:* make a custom icon with a mix from GNS3 and PuTTY :D (Please help!)about.jpgThis is released on:
The archive is containing both PuTTY versions (Normal + Standalone) for Windows (.exe)Attachment:File comment: Compiled PuTTY 0.62 for windows:
1 - Normal PuTTY with this patch.
2 - Standalone version with local storage and this patch (is using files instead of regs)
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Putty connection manager download windows 7 64 bit

Putty connection manager free download for windows 7 32 bit

Putty connection manager download for windows 7

Putty connection manager free download for windows 7 64 bit

Putty connection manager download for windows 7 32 bit