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Putty zip file download

Mar 20, 2018 – 15:16

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Putty pageant download

Mar 20, 2018 – 15:28

These stresses are thatwhere exception putty pageant or rich, and meant to stimulate video investments. Since its girl, more than 1 billion yards play records have been sold. Rita now lures the sources out by growing...

Putty PSCP download file

Mar 20, 2018 – 15:22

Heres a modified version of Willie Wheelers answer that transfers the file(s) via tar but also supports passing a password to sudo on the remote host. (stty -echo; read passwd; stty echo; echo $passwd; tar -cz foo.*)...

Putty command line download file

Mar 20, 2018 – 15:16

The PuTTY suite of utilities includes pscp which is equivalent to the OpenSSH scp command. You could use it like this: This will copy all the remote files in the folder specified to the local folder and would not...

Putty SSH download file

Mar 20, 2018 – 15:16

Putty uses scp to transfer files over I believeIf you have already sshd into the directory where the file is: Code: scp [file to be copied] some_user@my_ip:[destination_folder] some_user would be your login name...

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