Buy Bedroom Furniture

"As it turned out, I could choose to buy bedroom furniture from any number of online stores with vast selections, and all had excellent photos, measurements, and other specs for their merchandise."


Buy Bedroom Furniture

by Lance LaHara

My mother-in-law was making her yearly visit from the Heartland. “What’s the kids’ bedroom furniture theme?” she said, moving purposefully toward my twin sons’ closed bedroom door. “You said you were getting them new furniture---what did you buy?”

Bedroom furniture for 11-year-old boys was the last thing on my shopping list, but I was too ashamed to admit it to the furniture “theme” queen. My sons’ beds for the previous ten years—since they got out of their cribs--were two slabs of foam rubber on two plywood sheets held up with 4X4s. The odd looking nightstand and beat up chest of drawers were both Early Yardsale Modern, too.

“Let’s hurry, Mom—“ I steered her out the front door—“We’re late for the free Tuesday admission at the Natural History Museum.”

Distracted her again—but I couldn’t get the furniture off my mind. It isn’t that we don’t have the money to buy bedroom furniture for our children, but the downtown store prices are outrageous by anyone’s standard. My wife drug me to a few stores last summer, and even she who longed, yearned, pined, and drooled to buy bedroom furniture for the twins—even she took one look at the prices and made tracks.

The Buy Bedroom Furniture Solution

Still, I had to admit she was right. It was time to get past the 20 year old college student decorating level. It was time to buy bedroom furniture.

The nice thing was, it wasn’t nearly as painful and expensive as I thought. First I looked into kid bedroom themes on the internet, starting with
The internet has made so many facets of my life more convenient and economical, and it was about to do the same in the buy bedroom furniture department. I did some web surfing and found an amazing selection and many a good buy. Bedroom furniture outlets were lined up on the web like swap meet stalls, and everybody had a deal. I dusted off my credit card and started clicking.

Building a Bedroom Furniture Theme and Saving a Bundle

I like pine furniture and had been on the lookout for an 8-drawer chest to hold both boys’ stuff for ages.

No problem, as it turned out. I could choose from any number of online stores with vast selections, and all had excellent photos, measurements, and other specs for their merchandise. I found an 8-drawer pine chest for HALF of what I’d pay to buy bedroom furniture at the local furniture mart. And I saw deals on king and queen beds for 80% off retail—but I found even better deals than that for buying the whole set of bedroom furniture, and thereby assuring a unified “theme” for my bedroom---and my mother in law.

The company I finally went with had a buy bedroom furniture special:

purchase the set and delivery was FREE. And since it was an out of state company, I didn’t even have to pay sales tax up front! I saved hundreds of dollars and was able to buy bedroom furniture that the kids really liked and I knew was durable---not just settle for the expensive but limited selection at the local store.

So, anybody want to buy a foam rubber slab and a plywood sheet with four-by-four legs cheap?


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