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African American Scholarships Aplenty for the College-Bound

"African American scholarships, grants, and other sources of college financial aid abound, and often go begging, just waiting for the savvy student to apply. The web is a perfect place to begin your search."


African American Scholarships

by Amara Rose

Scholarships Abound for African American Students

We're taught that few things in life are black or white. When it comes to the world around us, this is certainly an open-minded perspective to hold. However, when it comes to college, being black (minority) may be an advantage. African American scholarships, grants, and other sources of college financial aid abound, and often go begging, just waiting for the savvy student to apply. The web is a perfect place to begin your search.

Start Your Search In Your Area of Interest

It makes sense to start your search for African American scholarships with your main area of interest or study. Many sites contain a wealth of information, from networking to career guidance, personal finance to health, and, of course, opportunities for college-bound people of color to apply for African American scholarships. From corporate-sponsored scholarships for minority undergrads in physics, chemistry and engineering; to the local Association of Black Journalists; to the Breakthrough to Nursing Scholarships for Ethnic People of Color, to the Grumman Scholarship for Peace and Justice, there's an unimaginable range of resources available to be tapped by the resourceful.

Scholarships May Provide More Than Money

In many cases, you'll be pleasantly surprised to discover that the scholarship you receive awards you much more than just money. For instance, the Ron Brown Scholar Program, which honors the memory of late Secretary of Commerce Ronald H. Brown, not only awards $40,000 to promising high school seniors who are African American but scholarships are just the start. The program also provides individual attention to students throughout the school year. Activities include a Summer Leadership Conference and community internships.

The Granddaddy of African American Scholarship Programs

Of course, no article on African American scholarships would be complete without mentioning the venerable United Negro College Fund, launched sixty years ago. While the name is somewhat anachronistic, the UNCF list of scholarships and grants is quite up to date, and covers close to1000 schools in every state of the union.

Support Beyond the African American Community

Perhaps most touching, and indicative of the UNCF's commitment to educate our nation's future leaders, the Fund's member colleges and universities have extended their vision beyond African American scholarships in the wake of the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks. Reaching out to the community of children affected by the tragedy, in October of 2001 they announced the new Liberty Scholarships, to support the children of victims of 9/11. Regardless of color or creed, age or race, all recipients will be provided full scholarships in any of the UNCF's 38 member colleges and universities. It's heartwarming to see high school seniors holding a giant cardboard check, made out in the amount, "Whatever it costs dollars," knowing they're on their way to becoming a college graduate.

Your Achievement Benefits Everyone

In giving back to the community in this way, this renowned African American institution of higher learning sets a new standard for generosity of spirit, and shows what it is possible to achieve with African American scholarships: financial support for all children everywhere, who desire and deserve the benefits of higher education. In the same way, once you apply for and receive your African American scholarship, your achievements in school and in the community will benefit all who come after you.

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