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Airborne Cold Remedy

The Airborne cold remedy sounds yummy enough to make having a cold or flu worthwhile: a healthy combo of herbs, antioxidants and amino acids that fizzes when you drop it in water.


Airborne Cold Remedy

by Amara Rose

Airborne Cold Remedy: You'll Feel Better, Even On The Ground!

If you're anything like me, you'd rather go to the dentist than climb aboard an airplane. The thought of being in a tightly enclosed space with a bunch of people potentially carrying cold germs along with their carry-on luggage is enough to make anyone buy a train ticket—or travel virtually! But let's say you have no choice but to be airborne. Cold remedy number one? Wash your hands frequently, especially if your seatmate is sniffling!

If You Catch An Airborne Cold, Remedy It With Wimpiness!

Suppose that regardless of your vigilance, you do succumb to an airborne cold. Remedy your suffering quickly by being a wimp. That's right. Don't power through the cold, gamely sucking on lozenges for your sore throat and keeping a box of tissues at the ready. Go to bed! But first, buy some chicken soup! Chicken soup's the ultimate cold remedy, the one our grandmothers swore by. And people were a lot less likely to be airborne in those days.

What Would Wilbur Wright Have Done?

Think about those early planes. You'd probably catch a cold or flu simply being airborne, with the open construction and all that wind whooshing by at top speed. I bet the airborne cold remedy the Wright Brothers used was mufflers, mittens and hats!

Then again, it might have been difficult to control the instrument panel wearing mittens. Maybe they simply suffered an airborne cold. Remedy? More flying! And chicken soup buying! Professional pilots are hardy types by nature, anyway. They have to be, just to survive all those hours in the cockpit, not to mention saying the same words over and over, "Ladies and gentlemen, we're experiencing a little turbulence…"

A Second Grade Teacher Developed the Ultimate Airborne Cold Remedy

Of course, possibly the smartest strategy is simply to use Airborne cold remedy, which was created by a second grade teacher who was sick of getting sick from her students' colds! When she couldn't buy the remedy she wanted, she decided to develop her own.

The Airborne cold remedy even sounds yummy enough to make having a cold worthwhile: a healthy combo of herbs, antioxidants and amino acids that fizzes when you drop it in water, something children always love.

If It's Good Enough to Prevent Kevin Costner's Colds…

Airborne cold remedy has won the hearts of a slew of celebrities. From Kevin Costner to the San Francisco 49ers, the stars are sold on Airborne cold remedy. And they all certainly spend a lot of time on airplanes, and can't afford to miss work—or play with a cold. Can you imagine a quarterback trying for a touchdown with mucus caking the inside of his helmet? Not a pretty picture.

So the next time you sense that achy, lackluster feeling coming on, buy the cure that will really remedy what ails you. Anybody who teaches seven-year-olds for a living has the inside track on colds, flus and how they get passed from child to child to teacher. Airborne cold remedy is the ticket to keeping you healthy, so you can board that airplane with confidence—or sit in a crowded sauna and not freak if the person next to you starts to cough.

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Amara Rose believes natural health remedies are the only way to fly. She offers life purpose coaching, talks, tapes/CDs, e-courses, playshops, and a FREE inspirational monthly newsletter, What Shines. She's also a "business alchemist" who has word smithed everything from white papers to web content. Visit or e-mail

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