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Anaheim Angel 2004-2005 Off Season

"If Anaheim Angel management can make some smart signings and trades, we will look back at the 2004/2005 off season as a defining moment in Anaheim Angel history."

Anaheim Angel Off Season Possibilities
by Patrick Austin

Mr. Austin is a freelance writer who covers sports for a number of web sites including,, and He currently also covers entertainment and sports for Vainquer magazine.

This should be a very exciting winter for Anaheim Angel fans. It’s been reported that Anaheim Angel general manager, Bill Stoneman, will have about forty million dollars to spend on free agents and trades. That kind of financial flexibility will put the Angels in the running for a number of top notch free agent talent and gives them the room to absorb a large contract from a team looking to cut salary. Another important factor to consider is the fact that Anaheim will be a prime destination for free agents. The team is successful, they have management that’s willing to spend to win, and the city has a loyal fan base and a great atmosphere.

The biggest name on the trade market this off season is Randy Johnson. Many teams would love to land the Big Unit, including this Anaheim Angel team. They have the young prospects to entice the Diamondbacks, plus the room to absorb Randy’s eight-figure salary. At the end of the day, it wouldn’t shock me to see Johnson in an Angel uniform.

A trade rumor that’s recently been discussed is Mike Piazza heading back to the Los Angeles area as an Anaheim Angel. Apparently, the Mets are concerned about Piazza’s knees, and whether or not he can still produce at the catcher position. They would like to move his enormous salary so to improve their pitching staff. The Angels are considering this deal since they could use some additional power and Piazza is beloved in the LA area (his presence could bolster attendance further). Personally, I think the Angels should look to improve in other areas, like pitching and outfield, before they consider taking on Piazza’s contract.

The biggest free agent on the market is Carlos Beltran. Again, this Anaheim Angel team will be in the running for the all-star. They would love to move Garrett Anderson back to left field, and adding Beltran would allow them to do so with ease. An outfield of Anderson, Beltran, and Guerrero would be one of the best in baseball (if not the best).

Another big free agent possibility for this Anaheim Angel franchise is Nomar Garciaparra. They are looking for an upgrade at the shortstop position, and Nomar would definitely provide that. He had a solid year with the Cubs, though he didn’t lead them to the postseason like many were hoping for. I think Nomar would look good in an Anaheim Angel uniform. That is, if his contract demands aren’t too exorbitant.

The Anaheim Angel movement has already begun when the team traded outfielder, Jose Guillen, to the Washington National for outfielder, Juan Rivera, and shortstop, Maicer Izturis. This trade gives the Angels two players at positions of need.

Hopefully, if Anaheim Angel management can make some smart signings and trades, we will look back at the 2004/2005 off season as a defining moment in Anaheim Angel history.

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