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Aprilaire Filter - Humidifier Replacement Parts

Buy an Aprilaire filter for your humidifier or air purifier, and say goodbye to dust, dander, mold, and pollen.


Aprilaire Filter

by Amara Rose

Aprilaire Filter Means You'll Breathe Easier

As more and more people become environmentally conscious—and as our indoor environment grows increasingly polluted—installing a home air filter just makes good sense. Unless you live by a freeway, the air inside where you live or work can be up to 100 times more polluted than the air outdoors! Kind of shocking, isn't it?

Poor Indoor Air Quality Can Make You Sick

We don't normally think of air as something over which we have any control. Yet the typical American spends up to fourteen hours a day in the home, often completely unaware that poor indoor air quality may be directly affecting their health. That's why buying an Aprilaire filter can make breathing easier.

An Aprilaire Filter Can Relieve Symptoms You Thought Were "Normal"

When you buy an Aprilaire filter, you can say goodbye to dust, dander, mold, pollen, household cleaner residues, bacteria and other microscopic particles that can lodge in your eyes, nose, throat, and lungs and cause misery. If you've been congested, tired or otherwise reactive at home and feel better outdoors, it's a good bet you can benefit from an Aprilaire filter!

Keep Those Heating and Air Conditioning Filters Clean!

Of course, it's also vital that you clean the filters in your home's heating and air conditioning systems regularly. Mold builds up in moist, damp places and can cause respiratory difficulties, allergies, and illness. For instance, if you have an Aprilaire humidifier, it's especially important to keep it clean and mold-free, and to check the Aprilaire filter regularly.

Aprilaire Filters for Humidifers and Air Purification

Baby Your Aprilaire Filter: Change It When It Needs Changing

How frequently you'll need to change your Aprilaire filter depends on how much you use your Aprilaire, and on the manufacturer's guidelines for your specific model. (See Aprilaire offers thirteen types of air filters, including filter media for electronic air cleaners, furnace replacement pads, a furnace air filter, a humidifier filter and a dehumidifier filter.

Extreme Makeover Filtered A Sick Home And Saved A Teen's Health

One way to gauge an idea whose time has come is by its appearance in the popular media. The hit television show, "Extreme Makeover" did a home makeover for a moldy house in southern California, which was torturing a teenager who has a rare cell disorder compounded by asthma and allergies. In addition to ripping out the carpeting (one of the worst offenders for all manner of allergens), the contractor added an Aprilaire filter to the home's heating and air conditioning unit, one of the major mold culprits.

The transformation took place in April, appropriately enough, and the results have been literally life-altering. The 16-year-old hasn't had an asthma attack since the renovations, and his wheezing has ceased. This is a rather dramatic example of what an Aprilaire filter can accomplish.

Whatever Your Needs, There's An Aprilaire Filter to Fit Them

But, why wait until you're in dire straights, when buying a little preventive medicine is so easy? You can buy a room-sized Aprilaire filter to clean the air in a small space, or purchase a whole-house filtration system. Soon, like the family featured in Extreme Makeover, you'll feel so much improved you'll be amazed that you waited this long to bring Aprilaire into your home.

Amara Rose believes every home could benefit from an air purification system. Amara offers life purpose coaching, talks, tapes/CDs, e-courses, playshops, and a FREE inspirational monthly newsletter, What Shines. She's also a "business alchemist" who has word smithed everything from white papers to web content. Visit or e-mail

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