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Arlington Texas Hotels: Lodging Near the Excitement

…in Arlington, Texas, hotels are close to one of America’s most famous cities


Arlington Texas Hotels

by Shari Bookstaff

If you’re visiting the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you may end up staying in one of the suburbs, Arlington, Texas. Hotels are few in Arlington, but plentiful, of course, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

One of the biggest attractions in Arlington, Texas is the Ballpark. The Texas Rangers play at one of the most beautiful ballparks in the country. Touches of Texas abound in stone carvings of longhorn steer and the Texas “Lone Star State” emblem. It is a fairly new park, opened in 1994. The complex includes the front office of the Rangers, a museum, learning center, and a series of retail shops and ticket windows.

The field itself is located 22 feet below street level and has a shield to protect the field from excessive wind. Yes, it is every baseball player’s field of dreams. The Rangers play from April through October, longer if they make the playoffs.

Legends of the Game

When looking for your Arlington, Texas hotels, you will find yourself near a baseball fan’s dream. Second only to the National Baseball Museum in Cooperstown, New York, the Legends of the Game Museum displays such baseball memorabilia as Babe Ruth’s jersey and Willie Mays’ shoes. You can also learn how a baseball bat is made, catch a fastball from Nolan Ryan, or get into the physics of baseball! Check out the combination museum and ballpark tours for discount prices.


If you stay in Arlington, Texas, hotels are close to one of America’s most famous cities. Dallas, of course, is a huge city that is known as home to some big American legends. The Dallas Cowboys, known to some as “America’s Team”, and their infamous cheerleaders are some of the symbols of Dallas, Texas. The television show Dallas added to the myth of the city. On November 22, 1963, a tragic event forever changed America’s view of Dallas. From then on, Dallas has been known as the city where John F. Kennedy was shot. The 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository, the site of the sniper’s perch, has been converted into a moving tribute to President Kennedy. A visit to Dallas must include touring this legacy to an American legend. For real Kennedy buffs, don’t leave out a visit to Dealey Plaza and the grassy knoll, well known for speculations into the death of JFK.

Got enough of the history lesson?

One of the largest Six Flags in the country is in Arlington. Many of the Arlington, Texas hotels are close to this major attraction. Six Flags Over Texas is one of the largest theme parks in the country. Have you tried the Fastlane ride reservation system? Reserving your space in line by holding a little computer in your hand—that’s high-tech!

Try booking your Arlington, Texas hotels online. You can often find great deals, and you’ll know exactly how far you’ll have to drive to get to some of these attractions.


Shari Bookstaff is a biology professor in northern California, where she lives with her two children. Shari is an avid nature lover, sports fan and photographer.


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