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To get the best life out of your ATV tires, ensure that you always have the correct air pressure in the tires.






by Steve Theunissen

ATV tires are becoming enormously popular as more and more people opt for All Terrain Vehicles. Are you, though, up to speed on the ins and outs of ATV tires? Thought as much. Then, you’re in need of our ATV tires FAQ. We designed it just for you:

  • How do I determine the ply rating of my ATV tires?

Have a look on the sidewall of your ATV tires. You’ll see a number of stars there. According to the ply rating for ATV tires, each start represents 2 ply. So, if you have 4 stars on the side of ATV tires, the ply rating for your ATV tires is 8.

  • At what air pressure should I set my ATV tires?

You should check the air pressure recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle in the guide book. Where this conflicts with the air pressure listed on the sidewall of your ATV tires, go with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation.

  • Should I always replace my ATV tires with the same size or is it ok to use larger ones?

Again, it pays to check with your vehicle manufacture. If the vehicle guidebook makes no mention of this, contact your service center. Failing that you could consult n ATV tires retailer for advice. Generally speaking, though, a small jump in ATV tires size will not be a problem. When traveling to rocky, mountainous areas you’ll want to have at least 6 ply ATV tires on your vehicle.

  • My ATV tires are losing air pressure. What can cause this?

There are a number of factors that could be responsible for loss of air pressure in ATV tires. Check for punctures, cracks and impact damage to the sidewall. Check your valve stem and core for leakage.

  • How can I get better mileage from my ATV tires?

To get the best life out of your ATV tires, ensure that you always have the correct air pressure in the tires. Also, avoid fast sops and starts.

  • How can I determine what size my ATV tires are?

ATV tires are sized using a standard format as follows:

AT 25 x10-12

The first number indicates the overall diameter of your ATV tires in inches. The second number represents the section width and the third number indicates the wheel diameter. On some makes of ATV tires the letter “r” may replace the dash in the above cited example. This indicates radial construction.

  • What’s the best way to maintain my ATV tires?

Frequently check the air pressure of your ATV tires. You should also make regular visual inspections of your ATV tires. Be on the look out for foreign objects located in the sidewall or tread surface of your ATV tires.

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