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Austin Home for Sale: Getting the Most From the Realtor

It’s time to view that Austin home for sale that you’ve had your eyes on!


Austin Home For Sale

by Rachel Johnson

Buying that Austin home for sale!

If you’re currently in the market for an Austin home, for sale signs probably seem to be popping up everywhere and getting your attention! It can be overwhelming when you’re looking and you’re not quite sure where you should start! You might not be completely sure what price range you are looking in, how much space you need, or what part of town would be best so you aren’t ready to employ a realtor, yet.

A lot of people who are looking for an Austin home for sale are intimidated by the idea of a realtor. They don’t want to deal with high-pressure sales, or be talked into something that isn’t ideal! That’s Ok! You don’t need a realtor. And, if you think you do need a realtor, you don’t need one right away!

Before you call a realtor, you want to figure out your finances, how big of a house you want, and what part of town you’d like to live in. Without this information, a realtor isn’t much use to you anyway. So, figure out what you can afford each month for a house payment and then be sure to add on home owners insurance, property taxes, and utility bills. Now, with an idea of how much you can pay each month, you’ll have an idea of how much house you can really afford. Then, think about where you work, where your friends and activities are located, and pick a part of town that is ideal for you. If you don’t mind a commute, that’s ok, you just have a larger area and more houses to pick from.

Now, if you want to employ a realtor this may be the time, as it’s time to view that Austin home for sale that you’ve had your eyes on! A lot of people will start viewing houses on their own just to get a general idea of what they do and don’t like as far as style is concerned. This information will help a realtor, but if you’d feel more comfortable viewing houses with a realtor along there is nothing wrong with that! You don’t pay them until you buy a house! Generally, three to four percent is a realtors commission, if they are trying to charge you more than that, perhaps you had better call around and see if that is typical in your area. That three or four percent can add up in your purchase of an Austin home for sale.

When you finally find an Austin home for sale that you are interested in, which may take a day or several months, your realtor can help you make an offer that is acceptable to both you and the seller. You’ll usually hear back from the seller within twenty four to forty eight hours with their acceptance or rejection of your offer. If they accept, you’ll set a closing date dependent upon what type of financing you are doing. A loan officer from your selected mortgage company will take care of all of this.

When it comes to closing on the purchase of your home, the costs tend to add up. Your loan officer can usually give you a fairly accurate estimate of your closing costs so you are not surprised when you have to pay up. Due at closing is usually a couple months of taxes and mortgage payments, and these add up! Your closing costs could very well be in the thousands of dollars, this is normal, but something you need to be prepared for.

Once you close on the home, it’s yours! This Austin home for sale is no longer for sale! It’s all yours! There is no greater joy (and fear!) that the house you’re in is yours, or will be in roughly three hundred and sixty payments!


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