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Aviation T Shirt: A Fit for All Ages

Aviation has been part of American and world history for a long time. You don’t have to be a pilot or in the Air force to enjoy sporting an aviation T shirt.


Aviation T shirt

by Trish Williams

A Popular Item Among People of All Ages

Little boys have always enjoyed playing with model airplanes, and as they grow up, model airplanes can still be seen decorating their rooms, wallpapers and their clothes. An Aviation T shirt, for example, is a very hot item these days. Young boys, juniors, teenagers, and even adult men love sporting an aviation T shirt with their favorite fighter planes on them.

What sort of Aviation T shirt is right for you?

There are so many types of aircrafts out there, and some which are no longer being built. When choosing an aviation T shirt, it’s likely you have a preference in aircraft carriers. Some of those available in an aircraft T shirt include the standard aircraft types like: Aeronca, Beech Baron, Beech Bonanza and other Beech models; and the Cessna models.

There are also plenty of warplanes to choose from including: U2s, A-10s, A-6s, B-24s and B-25s, Harrier, North American models, or Corsairs. An Aviation T shirt might also sport homebuilt aircrafts like the Avid, Eagle, Glasair, Kitfok, Cozy, Skybolt, etc.

Aviation T shirt wearers also enjoy the ultralight airplanes such as the Challenger II, Hawk, QuickSilver, FireStar and etc. There are also numerous helicopters to choose from for your aviation T shirt such as the Hughes 300C, Bell JetRanger, RotorWay, Mini 500, Apache, Robinson, and etc.

Some T shirt stores have over a hundred different designs to choose from. The aviation T shirt right for you can be chosen from numerous sizes and colors. If you choose to purchase an aviation T shirt as a gift, many online stores also have hundreds from which to choose.

The cost of an aviation T shirt ranges anywhere from $7 on top to $30 or more, depending on the material and type of shirt.

Aviation has been part of American and world history for a long time. You don’t have to be a pilot or in the Air force to enjoy sporting an aviation T shirt. You can often pick up aviation clothing at retail stores, online shopping carts, air shows and specialty shops. Sometimes the aviation T shirt sports real photographs of the planes, and other times they sport wonderful illustrations and replicas painted professionally to capture the aircraft of your choice.

The aviation T shirt of your choice will most likely be screen printed. Be sure to purchase a shirt large enough to fit, especially after a few washings.

As kids watch the news, and special cable stations featuring WWII planes and other aircrafts, is it any wonder they’re asking for an aviation T shirt for Christmas or their birthday? Planes have always been popular, and that hasn’t changed yet.

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