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Baby Birth Announcement: The Best, Quickest, Easiest Ways

You may not be up to calling all the people you want to tell, but a baby birth announcement will do this without you picking up the phone.


Baby Birth Announcement

by Rachel Johnson

Choosing a Baby Birth Announcement

When you’re expecting, a baby birth announcement may seem like such a silly thing to indulge in, but really it’s not. You don’t know it now, but you’ll be tired and so over come with emotion, that a new baby birth announcement will be the perfect way to spread your good news! You may not be up to calling all the people you want to tell, but a baby birth announcement will do this without you picking up the phone. Then, when the phone calls come in you can take them or not, but you know that your friends and family have heard the good news.

All the while you are pregnant you may receive advertisements for a baby birth announcement, so feel free to order when you find something you love! You can select your baby birth announcement long before the actual birth of your baby. When your baby is born you can fill in all of the details about his or her birth weight, eye color, hair color, and length, or it may be done for you. Or, you can wait until your baby is born and incorporate a picture to go along with the baby birth announcement. The picture variety tends to be a bit more expensive, but it makes a lovely keepsake, and your friends and family will get much more delight out of it! Your baby birth announcement can be simple, or it can be fun, or funky, and really showcase your personality. It can really be anything you want it to be because it is YOUR baby birth announcement.

Another idea for a baby birth announcement is to make it yourself. If you are into poetry you can print your favorite poem, or a poem you wrote for your baby on card stock. You can incorporate a picture of your pregnant belly or a picture of you and your spouse onto the birth announcement also. You can add charms, beads, lace, ribbon, or anything else you would like to add. Your only limitations to making your own baby birth announcement is your imagination!

Your baby birth announcement should be chosen with love and care so you can tell everyone you are a proud new parent. A baby birth announcement can be fun to give, receive, and will be nice for you to share with your child when he is older. Your announcement will reflect to all who see it the immense love and pride you have for your new baby.

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