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Barnum and Bailey Circus: Best Circus Experience in the World!

The Barnum and Bailey Circus truly is the best circus experience one can find anywhere!


Barnum and Bailey Circus

by Rachel Johnson

Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus

The circus is a magical event for people of all ages and walks of life. The lights and the theatrics captivate all of the senses, bringing you to the edge of your seat until the very last moment. Barnum and Bailey Circus is no different, in fact, they are even more spectacular than any other touring circus in the entire world.

Currently in it’s one hundred and thirty fifth edition, Barnum and Bailey Circus tours from city to city all year long. With their shows comes acrobatics, well-trained lions, tigers, zebras, elephants, and of course there is a squad of the most well trained clowns. The lights and music combined with the talents of so many people is an awesome and overwhelming experience.

The three-ring action that Barnum and Bailey Circus are famous for is one of a kind. All three rings are coordinated so there is always something extremely entertaining going on. Each year the circus features new acts with animals, heights, music, dancing, singing, skits, and so much more. The Barnum and Bailey Circus truly is the best circus experience one can find anywhere!

Barnum and Bailey Circus provide quality entertainment and everyone in the family is sure to enjoy the whole show. Before the Barnum and Bailey Circus starts, families are allowed to view the animals, watch and interact with the clowns, buy great foodstuffs, and indulge in Barnum and Bailey Circus souvenirs. After the show many of the members of the circus hang around to mingle with the crowds. Surprisingly, as big as the Barnum and Bailey circus is, they bring a very family like atmosphere to the whole event.

If you’d like to find out when the Barnum and Bailey Circus is coming to a city near you, you should check with your local ticketing agent, or check on the Barnum and Bailey Circus website ( for dates and times. Ticket prices vary, but generally they are very reasonable for about two hours of one of a kind entertainment. Of course, weekend shows sell out quickly, so buy in advance if the Barnum and Bailey Circus will be in your area over a weekend.

Be sure to bring your camera along to your Barnum and Bailey Circus experience! You’ll want to snap pictures left and right of all the majestic and seemingly magical events that take place right before your eyes. You’ll want to take pictures of the wide eyes and dropped jaws of your children, and your spouse! If the Barnum and Bailey Circus comes to your area, don’t miss out, buy tickets and have a wonderful time!

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