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Bear Collectible: Unique and Special Bears for Your Collection

Pick a theme, a style- or not! Your bear collection should be what you want it to be, but let each bear collectible be something special!


Bear Collectible

by Rachel Johnson

Finding a unique bear collectible

Bear collectors are always on the hunt for a new bear collectible. Not just any old bear, but something that will add to their collection, something that will round it out, or even just something that will fit in with what they’ve already got. If you’re new to collecting, don’t just buy anything and call it part of your collection! Pick a theme, a style, or not! Your bear collection should be what you want it to be, but let each bear collectible be something special!

The first bear collectible

Most people don’t get into collecting bears consciously, it just happens. Some are given their first bear collectible shortly after birth, and others happen upon that one bear that speaks to their heart and it starts them on their way to a beautiful and diverse bear collection. Each collector has a story, likely about that first bear collectible that started it all. What’s yours?

What makes a bear collectible?

You wanting a bear is what makes it collectible. But, many people pick a genre or type of bear to collect. There are no rules or tips, just collect what you like. If you are wanting a bear collectible with some monetary worth consider collecting antique bears. You’ll have fun learning what is truly an antique and what is not. If you are into collecting bears for more than monetary reasons, set your own criteria. If you set your own criteria, you can wait until the perfect bear just seems to call your name.

Where to look for a bear collectible

Where you look for a new bear collectible to add to your collection depends on what type of bear you are looking for. If you collect antique bears, antique fairs or markets would be the best place to look, as well as private antique dealers.

If you just collect stuffed teddy bears you can look almost anywhere to find that perfect bear to add to your collection. Figurines are easy to come by, assuming you aren’t looking for really old or unique types. Once you define a type of bear collectible you are after, you’ll likely know where to look to find them.

Another great place to find all types of bear collectibles is online. With huge markets like ebay and other auction sites, there is a whole new world of possibilities for collectors! For any item you would consider purchasing, there are at least one or two that have what you are looking for! Check out auction sites, you may find the perfect bear collectible for very little!

Happy collecting!


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