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Beauty Fitness Piercing Tattoo: Symbol, Uniqueness, and Shocking Beauty


Before you decide to get a body piercing or tattoo, visit the beauty fitness piercing tattoo studio you're interested in.
























Beauty Fitness Piercing Tattoo

by Amara Rose

In this Age of the Artist, we're redefining what "art" is. If the body is a temple, making modification to it is akin to home decorating. Some beauty fitness piercing tattoo studios have even begun offering an Indian form of temporary tattoos, or body painting, known as Mehndi.

You Can Modify Your Body With Temporary Tattoos

What's attractive about this type of body art is that there's no piercing involved. Unlike traditional tattoos done with needles, Mehndi uses henna, a reddish-orange powder also used as a non-toxic hair dye. In lieu of a beauty fitness piercing tattoo, which may be accompanied by pain and requires aftercare, a henna tattoo is a temporary tattoo alternative.

Of course, to some people, any form of body modification is beyond strange. We might call it the tattoo taboo. I remember when one woman I know got a small, tasteful tattoo on her ankle. Although she had been an independent adult for many years, she was reluctant to tell her mother.

Tattoos Can Express Sacred Symbolism

Yet tattoos can be an expression of the sacred. I recently saw a photo in a book on healing waters of the world, depicting a woman with a rose tattoo covering most of her back, from sacrum to shoulder. She explained that she was embodying an ancient shamanic symbol that she is reclaiming in this lifetime. Looking at her tattoo made me want to weep. It was extraordinarily beautiful. So how we view beauty, fitness, piercing, tattoo or other body modification is totally subjective.

A Beauty Fitness Piercing Tattoo Studio Can Help You Shift Your Body Image

Sometimes, people seek out a beauty fitness piercing tattoo studio because they want to modify an existing tattoo. One man I know got a tattoo on his left forearm with the name of the gang he belonged to when he was nineteen. Thirty years later, he visited a beauty fitness piercing tattoo studio and had the tattoo transformed into a lovely flower.

And sometimes, people get a tattoo to modify an existing body part. I've read several moving stories about women who went to beauty fitness piercing tattoo studios to have inspiring art tattooed over their mastectomy scars.

Multiple Piercings May Raise Eyebrows Among the Uninitiated

Like tattoos, piercing enjoys mixed reviews. Ear piercing is so commonplace that some cultures pierce the ears of baby girls soon after birth. But someone with piercings in their nose, tongue, navel, eyebrow and ear cartilage will generally attract attention walking down the street, especially if this person also sports a large, visible tattoo.


Before you decide to get a body piercing, or any tattoo more permanent than henna, make an appointment to visit the beauty fitness piercing tattoo studio you're interested in. Ask to meet with the tattoo and piercing artists, and to see pictures of the type of work they've done for other clients. Make sure it's aligned with the vision you have in mind for your own tattoo or piercing. And be certain they provide thorough instructions for aftercare.


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