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Bed and Breakfast Rome

Though the Parthenon, last time we checked, was not a bed and breakfast, Rome does have plenty of them.

"It is a fact that Rome is the noisiest city in the world and so the Bed and Breakfast Rome presence in a quiet suburb is a tremendous boon."



Bed and Breakfast Rome
by Peter Sylvester

The Romans say “Non merfreghismo” which - liberally interpreted - means “Don’t give a damn.”

Because if you ask any provincial Italian he will tell you a Roman is “lazy, stubborn, slovenly and rude.”


A little of your stuttered Italian brings out Rome’s legendary courtesy - and their so-called gruffness suddenly becomes genuinely appealing.

The provincials also say that if you do in Rome as the Romans do - you’ll do nothing! On the contrary, Bed and Breakfast Rome is a thriving and cosmopolitan business.


Here you will find the hospitality and warmth from your home with comfort and careful service from the owners. All the rooms are carefully furnished and have private bathroom and air conditioning.

This example of Bed and Breakfast Rome is in the centre of Rome, just a minute’s walk from the Colisseo and Fori Imperiali.

It’s an old neighbourhood near major attractions like the Musei Vaticani, San Pietro and the Trevi Fountain. You can visit monuments, churches and museums by foot or public transport, while at night you can try the Roman eating specialities without going far.

But most important it is far from the confusion of travel termini, city traffic and main streets. For it is a fact that Rome is the noisiest city in the world and so the Bed and Breakfast Rome presence in a quiet suburb is a tremendous boon.


The best times to visit are September and October. January February and March are also fairly quiet - but April to August are peak tourist times and yet in August many restaurants actually close for a month!

And the best behaviour? The spacious and clean Bed and Breakfast Rome rooms allow you a gentle break from sightseeing and dining - and encourage you to recognise that while many things are frowned upon - a public display of affection is not one of them.

Rome is a famously romantic city - and to display open affection in the languorous sunlight adds a lovely touch to the charm of Bed and Breakfast Rome.

And as one Bed and Breakfast Rome advertiser says correctly: “We run Bed and Breakfast Rome on 50 - 80 euros based on location and facilities… can pay two or three times as much for a hotel.”

Just try Bed and Breakfast. Rome truly won‘t disappoint you..

Peter Sylvester is a seasoned UK journalist (NUJ 020267) who has worked with BBC Radios 4 and 5 Live, World Service, The Natural History Programme, Today, The Afternoon Shift, Farming Today, On This Day, and more. He produced "Class Five" for Sybil Ruscoe for three years.

As a journalist, Mr. Sylvester has covered such topics as: military events and characters, education, social problems, agriculture, cryptozoology, literary history, environment, drugs, jewelery, ferrets, and sports. But not ferret sports. Those are out.

Mr. Sylvester has written for such magazines as The Field, My Weekly, The Woodworker, and Radio Times. In previous successful careers, he has been an actor, teacher, and trader of gold, silver, and precious stones. He lives near Evesham in Cleeve Prior.


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