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What's the best weight watcher recipe?

You might disagree with my idea of the best weight watcher recipe, but these are three of my absolute favorites.





Best Weight Watcher Recipe

by Patrick Austin

What's the best weight watcher recipe? It’s tough trying to eat healthy. To make matters worse, even some so-called health foods are bad for you. That’s why Weight Watchers is such a great service. They offer a wide range of easy-to-make, nutritionally sound recipe guides. Using these guides will help you achieve your weight loss goals by providing a comprehensive point system that will allow you to stay within your limits calorie wise.

Obviously, everyone is different so you might disagree with my best weight watcher recipe, but I will list my personal top three:

Best Weight Watcher Recipe #1
Grilled Chicken with Key Lime Salsa

This is, in my opinion, the best weight watcher recipe. Grilled chicken is high in protein, low in fat, and very tasty. The dish is extremely easy to prepare, taking less than ten minutes to cook. The addition of the key lime gives it a little zest to liven things up. Best of all, if you are on a weight watchers plan, the point value is only 3.

Best Weight Watcher Recipe #2
Praline Pumpkin Cake

If you love pumpkin pie, but are trying to avoid the calories, give this tasty treat a try. It’s a delicious desert with a good amount of protein in it. You have the option of adding pecans on top to increase the nutritional value. This dish is so good and is helpful during the holidays. While everyone else is eating fat-filled cakes, you can enjoy this wonderful dish while staying within your weight loss goal. The point value is a very reasonable 5.

Best Weight Watcher Recipe #3
Teriyaki-Glazed Sweet Potatoes with Cilantro

That’s right, sweet potatoes with a Teriyaki glaze. I know it sounds strange, but the flavor is so unique and robust, you might request Teriyaki sauce on your potatoes from now on. The cilantro adds a bit of a tangy taste to compliment the strong sauce.

The only major draw back for me is the cooking time (forty minutes). I like to cook things quickly (microwave guy), but if you have the time, I suggest giving it a try. The point value is just 2.

Those are my favorite weight watcher recipes, but there are thousands more available. Give some a try and decide which one you think is the best weight watcher recipe.

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Best Weight Watcher Recipe