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Big Bear Cabin for Rent: A Luxurious Getaway

If luxury cabins are what you’re looking for, I know a Big Bear Cabin for rent that’s just perfect for you.




Big Bear Cabin for Rent

by Dr. John Luton

Are you looking for a Big Bear Cabin for rent? If so, you’ve come to the place where a variety of luxury cabin rental packages are right at your finger tips!

If you’re looking for a perfect getaway for some great relaxation and recreation, I know just the place. Nestled amid breathtaking views of the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California, Big Bear has been a favorite vacation spot for Californians for years. And now that the secret is out, people from all over are coming to check out Big Bear.

Big Bear Cabin for Rent Packages ~ There’s something for every season!

Because of Big Bear’s central location in Southern California, this great resort is no more than 3 hours from any Southern California city. No wonder it’s become known as a “four-season Paradise resort.” But let me clear up something right from the start – there will be no “roughing it” in any of these Big Bear Cabins!

If you thought you’d be staying in a hunting lodge, you’re pleasantly mistaken! These cabins are 5-star luxury, private homes with lots of first-class amenities. So, if luxury cabins are what you’re looking for, I know a Big Bear Cabin for rent that’s just perfect for you.

Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll find in one of these great Big Bear Cabins:

Circle on the Lake – A Big Bear Cabin for rent deal you won’t believe!

This beautiful lakefront home has four bedrooms and two baths. The living room is fully equipped for TV/VCR and DVD entertainment possibilities. You’ll also find a lovely fireplace and two additional sofa beds. For your convenience, this house also has a washer and dryer. The gourmet kitchen is fully equipped and has a dishwasher and a very large dining table.

The cabin’s upper deck, which overlooks the lake, has a BBQ and patio furniture. The lower deck has a private 8-person spa in a glass enclosure. This home also has a dock with boat slips. Perfect for sliding your boat into Big Bear Lake!

Big Bear Cabin for Rent Packages ~ Lots of summer fun in the sun!

If you’re into summer water sports, then you’ll want to rent a cabin located on Big Bear Lake. All kinds of water sports are available to accommodate fishing enthusiasts and water skiers alike. Just imagine yourself on the lake – a tall glass of iced tea or lemonade in one hand and a rod and reel in the other. Hey – better keep an eye on that bobber. It looks like you’ve got a bite. Hope it’s a big one! You should see some of the bass they pull out of Big Bear Lake!

How long can you stay up on a pair of water skis? My record’s about a half mile. Okay, so I’m not the best water skier in the world! Maybe my problem is all the beautiful scenery. It’s hard to pay attention when you’re taking in the scenic wonder of the San Bernardino Mountains!

Big Bear Cabin for Rent Packages ~ So much to do in winter too!

Maybe you’d rather select a winter vacation package. Things don’t slow down, just because there’s snow on the ground! Grab a pair of skis – snow skis this time – and let’s head for the lifts on either Snow Summit of Bear Mountain. These two ski resorts – now known as Big Bear Mountain Resorts – offer an enchanting winter ski experience. Don’t forget to meet back at the lodge for hot chocolate!

Big Bear Cabin for Rent Packages ~ Select the one that’s right for you!

So many Big Bear cabin for rent packages to choose from! I just know you’ll pick a great one for your vacation!

Oh, and don’t forget to tell the good folks at Big Bear who sent you.

Have a great time!


About the author: Dr. John W. Luton

When he’s not booking a Big Bear Cabin for rent, or having a blast at some other great vacation spot, Dr. Luton serves as associate professor of mass communication at Elizabeth City State University. His specialty – teaching students how to watch movies and surf the Internet!

However – to appease the university administration -- he skillfully disguises those activities in language that’s a little more palatable, like “cinema studies” and “computer-mediated communication.”

We, at Pulse Media, however, are so on to him! But we’ve got to give it to the professor. He really does know a great vacation package when he sees one!

Dr. Luton has also written an award-winning novel titled, “Bluebird in Belgium.” Check it out at:

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