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Find out the Chinese Secrets on how to improve your energy level, relax, think more clearly, sleep better, wake up more refreshed, resist colds and flus, get rid of annoying symptoms, and give yourself the most balancing herbs foods and acupressure for you- all from an expert acupuncturist and herbalist

Brian B. Carter, MS, LAc

Acupuncturist and herbalist Brian Carter has been helping people improve their lives with alternative medicine therapies since 1999.
  • Author of Powerful Body, Peaceful Mind
  • Medical professor
    Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (San Diego)
  • Alternative medicine expert: radio interviews, quoted and interviewed by publications like Real Simple, Glamour, and ESPN magazines.
  • Licensed acupuncturist, California
    San Diego acupuncture practice since 2002
  • Masters of science in Traditional Oriental Medicine
    Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (San Diego)


"Powerful Body, Peaceful Mind is easy and fun to read, with tons of tips and bits of information I haven't found anywhere else. I've read about Traditional Chinese Medicine for years, but it wasn't until now that I finally 'got it'. Thanks to this book, I've been able to resolve and self-treat health issues I've been struggling with all my life. Thank you, Brian!"

- Paula Taylor
Powerful Body, Peaceful Mind Reader from Florida

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Dear fellow alternative medicine lover,

What if there were a simple, step-by-step guide...

that took you from where you are right now to
ever-increasing vigor, vitality, joy and peace?

Imagine... one book to show you the way to

  • the body you want
  • a sharper, clearer mind, and
  • more peace in your heart.

In fact, here's a more complete summary of the book's benefits:

Boost Your Energy Level

Ease Tension and Relax

Think More Clearly

Sleep Better

Wake Up More Refreshed

Resist Colds and Flu's


ebook (pdf), $14.99

Sound to good to be true? It's not when you follow the path laid by the best minds in alternative medicine history...

As you learn about Chinese medicine, you'll see why it's the most powerful, complete, life-changing alternative medicine you could choose:

  • It's the oldest surviving folk medicine on the planet
  • It was the choice of royalty, the Emperors of China, for more than 2 thousand years
  • It was revised in the 1950's so all the best parts go into one powerful system
  • Around that same time, acupuncture alone cured tens of thousands of Chinese army troops who were immobilized by malaria
  • Modern Chinese herbalists use it to cure everything from sinus problems and insomnia to cancer and AIDS
  • It includes many therapies such as acupuncture, acupressure, herbs, tai chi, and qi gong

or get it mailed in softcover from for $19.95

The Power of 2,500 Years of Healing Wisdom at Your Fingertips?

Until now, no alternative health book has been backed by 2,500 years of Chinese medicine and been immediately useful to regular folks. Most books you'll find on are for practitioners or Masters students.

Of those books that are recommended to that public:

  • The Web That Has No Weaver is too complicated and obscure, impossible for a new reader to pick up and use immediately
  • Between Heaven and Earth is more descriptive than useful, and only one way to practice a small part of Chinese medicine
  • Wood Becomes Water is a nice but slight introduction that leaves you wanting more with nothing useful to practice

Anytime you have a health question, you simply open the book. It's like having a wise Chinese healer by your side whenever you need them.

Think about it...

A Healing Guru At Your Side... at a Bargain Rate?

For less than the cost of filling your gas tank once, it tells you ancient healing secrets whenever you need it. It's that 5 minutes of interesting reading on your bedside table. It's an inspirational friend during your morning cup of tea.

It would take you 4 years of training and thousands of dollars to learn all of this valuable info on your own. Want to see my school loan debt? No you don't. It's scary!

Or, you could see an acupuncturist, an herbalist, and a nutritionist week after week, month after month... again costing you thousands of dollars.


Want to Avoid Paying for Someone Else's BMW?

Somebody's getting rich with healthcare the way it is.

And even in alternative medicine: Want to avoid wasting time and money trying dozens of dietary supplements?

You can by getting this simple healing plan at a bargain rate.

In fact, once you read it, you'll tell your friends not to spend another penny on their health until they buy this book!




Decide Your Life Will Be About Comfort and Wellness

You can't avoid all sickness and pain. It's just part of life. But wise living can cut out a lot of it.

Let's pass on as much as we can. Let's live in a way that leads to more comfort and wellness!




Finally Get Free of All Your Nagging Little Discomforts

You know those irritating, uncomfortable everyday symptoms? Pimples, headaches, heartburn- things like that.

More of them show up as we age. Geez!

Seems like everyone thinks that's normal. But don't you wish we didn't have to live with these discomforts? Wouldn't you love to be free of them and feel good more often?

The TV ads say we should take a pill for virtually everything and side effects are just the price we pay for effective medicine.

Oriental medicine says different. Having treated hundreds of patients and having been healed dozens of times myself I know for certain that...

Is There a Medicine That Can Cure Without Side Effects?

You can feel better without causing disease. Besides, don't doctors vow to "first do no harm"? (Yes, they do.)

I'll tell you about foods, acupressure points, and Chinese herbs that heal without causing side effects. And I'll tell you how that's even possible (and why doctors don't think it is). Chinese medicine is safe and powerful, and we all need it.

You'll feel better, and your healing solutions won't make cause new problems.




How Would You Like to Be Treated Like Royalty?

There are two main stories about old old Chinese medicine:

  1. It was the Emperor's medicine. He always had the best physicians in the land. It was their job to keep him well. If he got sick and stayed sick, suddenly there was a new chief physician. The old one somehow 'lost his head'. Hmm...
  2. Every village had a healer. Their job was to promote health and prevent disease. They were paid regularly by the villagers in food and services (a barter economy). If the villagers didn't stay well, there wasn't enough extra food or help for the doctor.

You can see natural selection at work. The healers that survived were the ones that got results for people and kept them from getting sick in the first place.

Chinese medicine developed as a natural way to be healthy and prevent disease. That's its strength.

Mind If I Heal You With Cartoons and Quizzes?

I used every method I could think of to make the material easy to learn and use:

  • Fun and insightful cartoons, plus charts and simple diagrams to help you understand complicated concepts quickly
  • Popular magazine-style quizes so you can assess how far you have to go in each area of health
  • Stimulating questions for personal and group reflection
  • Action summaries at the end of each chapter for quick reference
  • Funny and profound quotations from many cultures and periods in history
  • An entire section on self-motivation, discipline, and persistence.


ebook, $14.99

or get it mailed in softcover from for $19.95

Take a Look Inside this Book

  • Get greater comfort and increased physical and mental capacity, get to the next level in life (page 23)
  • Let your strengths overcome your weaknesses and get your dreams faster (page 89)
  • Which are the best herbals to reduce stress, boost energy, increase sexual function, cure indigestion, boost immunity, cure colds and flu's, clear sinuses, and sleep better (page 158)
  • Which one therapy gives you a deep meditation without even trying, and helps you sleep better than at night, get grounded, boost your energy and endurance, and feel euphoric, relaxed, complete, and peaceful (page 167)
  • How to eat right for better health and vitality, to sleep better, have strong immunity, get sick less often, avoid annoying digestive conditions (page 229)
  • How to maximize your energy level, fight the toxins and invaders that sap your energy (page 267)
  • How to renew and refresh your mind, heal your body, and be happier, more capable, and more effective (page 294)
  • How to fall asleep easier, sleep deeper, rest your mind and emotions, awaken with more clarity and more energy (page 339)
  • How to stay well when friends and coworkers aren't, get rid of cold and flu symptoms quicker without side effects, beat colds and flu's quickly every time (page 351)
  • Get inspired, become part of a positive health movement, and attract healthier people (page 373)
  • The 2 herbals you should have at the dinner table, just in case! (page 270)
  • How to beat stress, the vitality destroyer (page 262)
  • How to learn and recover from eating the wrong foods (page 264)
  • Important tips for beating depression and fatigue (page 266)
  • The 4 most important tips for the optimal energy level (page 267)
  • How to lose your energy and vitality- what not to do when you want energy (page 269)
  • How to eat to live longer and for clearer thinking (page 235)
  • How to eat to stay energetic at all times (page 236)
  • Hot to eat for optimal immunity (page 237)
  • How to eat for reduced pain (page 237)
  • 5 steps for starting a healing food lifestyle (page 239)
  • How to eat out healthily in restaurants (page 245)
  • Is it unhealthy for some people to avoid meat? (page 249)
  • How to take care of your body's 3 main energy sources (page 255)
  • How to boost your energy level with acupressure (page 262)
  • Herbal combinations that beat caffeine (page 263)
  • 11 tips for healing yourself with better eating habits (page 226)
  • How to avoid indigestion (pages 229-230)
  • How to beat a hangover with the right herbs (page 232)
  • How to avoid the eating habits that can destroy your sex life (page 234)
  • The 8 powerful herbals everyone should have in their medicine cabinet (page 158)
  • Why acupuncture makes you feel euphoric and relaxed (page 176)
  • The 30 most healing pressure points you can use on yourself at home (page 196)
  • Is too much joy unhealthy? (page 282)
  • What's the healthiest emotion? It'll surprise you! (page 281)



All That In This One Book?

Yeah, that's a lot! But the readers on this page say they weren't overwhelmed by it, and that it was easy to understand.

It was a lot of work to make it easy for you to read and use. But I believe it's the author's job to do the hard work, you can just read and enjoy.

How much is all this worth?

Most regular print books cost $10-30. E-books usually start at $9.95 and can go as high as $300 if they're special business reports.

When I was writing this book, I thought about how much money I've saved on health bills, medications, etc. Even with insurance, doctors visit and prescription copays run between $50-100 per illness. And when you have a problem a couple times a year, that's between $100-200.

What about the alternative medicine practitioner costs? If you go see someone for massage or acupuncture or chiropractic for a problem you might have fixed yourself with foods, herbs, or acupressure, you're easily looking at hundreds of dollars.

Not only do you save on what you'd buy when you're sick- if you didn't have the information in this book... but you also save on even natural remedies. How can that be?

You don't have to try a whole bunch of herbs that might not work. Lean on the thousands of years of experience we already have with millions of people. Place the sure bet by following with this ancient wisdom.

And how much do those herbs, vitamins, supplements, and special juices cost? You know they're from $10 to $35 bucks a pop!

So add all that up, and it's easy to see that not knowing what you're doing with your health could cost you $1,000 in a year. That's ridiculous! A grand? No way.

And you know I'm not going to charge you that much for this ebook. I'm going to save you money, suffering and illness.

A Reasonable Price?

In fact, since marketing is partly just perception, I could charge $39 for it. Enough people would buy it that I'd make out just fine. But lucky for you...

I want everyone to have better health. I don't even want money to be an obstacle. So I'm going to let you have this ebook for a mere $14.99. That's it.

Oh, and by the way, the print version costs $20, so this is even $5 less than that. Bargain!

What if You Aren't Satisfied? 100% Prompt Courteous Refund!

What if you buy the eBook, read it and then you don't think it was worth the $14.99? You think you could have spent that money better elsewhere. You start to get mad at me. We can easily fix that problem...

Email me and I'll give you a prompt, courteous 100% refund - and you can even keep the book! I won't make you delete it from your hard drive. I won't ask you not to send it on to everyone else you know. ;-)

I trust you- I really do. I trust you so much that I'm not even going to put a time limit on the refund. You can come visit me in the old folks home in 2056 and say, "Hey, Carter- bought that ebook from you back in '06. Wasted my money! Gimme that no time-limit refund now. And be nice about it!"

I promise I'll do exactly that if you ask.


  • Boost Your Energy Level
  • Ease Tension and Relax
  • Think More Clearly
  • Sleep Better
  • Wake Up More Refreshed
  • Resist Colds and Flu's
  • Get the Right Herbs, Foods and Acupressre for You!

But You're Gonna Love This Book!

You'll enjoy reading it and you'll get results when you put it into practice.

And by the way, I want to hear about it! After you buy it, contact me through or the email lists and let me know how your life and health are going. I wish you all the best!


- Sincerely,
Brian B. Carter

P.S. You deserve to feel better. Don't put off your new life- buy your copy today!


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