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Breast Cancer Ribbon

The breast cancer ribbon is a bold response to this reality and a symbol of the new spirit of activism.


















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Breast Cancer Ribbon

by Kristin McDonald

Breast cancer ribbon: Symbol of a New Spirit of Activism

All of us are affected in some way by cancer; it strikes friends, family, and leaders in the community. The breast cancer ribbon is a bold response to this reality and a symbol of the new spirit of activism that is changing the way we face breast cancer.

The first breast cancer ribbon, which was actually peach in color, was designed in the early 1990's by Charlotte Haley.

The version of the breast cancer ribbon she created was a result of her unique homespun wisdom  It was a personal symbol of empathy and hope for a cure for relatives and friends.  When she started distributing the breast cancer ribbons at her local supermarket, they took off like crazy. 

Everyone wanted a breast cancer ribbon!

Later, Alexandra Penney of Self Magazine and breast cancer survivor, Evelyn Lauder of the Estée Lauder Company decided to raise funds for breast cancer.  After they spent some time in the think tank, they created the pink breast cancer ribbon to increase awareness... and boy did it ever catch on!

Some of us are on breast cancer's hereditary hit list.  As one of them, I'm very happy to proudly wear a pink breast cancer ribbon knowing that people will greet me with empathy rather than nervousness, as was the case with my own grandmother, who died of breast cancer.

The breast cancer ribbon is a great icebreaker, fundraising tool, and enduring symbol for all women who have to go through a challenging time in their lives to win the battle with cancer.

Thanks in part to heightened awareness as a result of breast cancer ribbons, bracelets and other awareness activities such as National Breast Cancer Awareness month (October) and the colorful breast cancer postage stamp, women today can look forward to better preventive care, less invasive treatments, enhanced cosmetic reconstruction and sympathy from society.


Kristin McDonald is a writer, graphic designer and eBay expert.

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