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Breast Implant Guide

Breast Implants... men love them, men hate them. You can't get a straight answer out of a man on which he prefers, a real breast, or a breast implant?





Breast Implant

by Laura Morgan

Are you sure it's right for you?

Men love them. Men hate them. And more times than not, you cannot get a straight answer out of a man on which he prefers - a real breast, or a breast implant. Hey women - aren’t you tired of your man always ogling the chick with the huge breasts? It happens, everyday, everyplace, and even when you think he is not doing it, he is. You know those sunglasses he has to wear, til it is almost dark? Yep, he is checking out those huge knockers on the girl chatting on her cell phone as you pass by in what you think is an engaging conversation with your boyfriend paying attention to you exclusively.

Human beings are generally concerned about their physical appearance. This subjective view of themselves is intimately connected with their sense of self-esteem and confidence, particularly when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex. So many women and young teens debate with the choice if they should get a breast implant. Is it the right choice for you?

As a fairly large breasted woman in my 30’s, I cannot help but wish I could go back to when I was a teenager and they were just the “perfect size.” If we only knew then that later in life, bigger breasts meant, bras that hurt, a bad back, and if they are too large, they can make you look chubby. Who would have thought huh? Still, like many other women across the globe, the thought has crossed our minds to either make them bigger, or reduce them in size, all in an attempt to be molded as “perfect.” But no matter what we feel, men will always ogle girls who have a breast implant “look”. I mean face it, if they are done right, they can look great. Men try and convince you to get them too, they say it is for us, but in reality it is for them.

Men Love Women Who Have Had A Breast Implant Enhancement.

I have heard countless times from men, “ if it is more than a handful, it is a waste.” How confusing is that for us women who hear constantly from men and boys as young women and teenagers that they like to ogle other women because of their big breasts, and how it makes the “image” even better if she has had a breast implant done. What the hell is that? So which is it men?

I happen to know more men that say they love breast implant jobs better than the regular size breast, but prefer to marry or date a girl who has regular size handful. This is just as absurd as them dating a girl who looks “easy” or “loose” but they would never marry them. Yet they want them at every glance… It is confusing to be a woman of this day and age. So, if you were thinking about a breast implant, I would seriously consider WHY you’re pondering the thought. If it is for you, and you alone, or for health reasons, then so be it. But if you are thinking of having a breast implant surgery simply because your boyfriend or husband wants you to, please consider. There are just as many dangers surrounded by a breast implant, just as well as there are great reasons to enhance your body with them.

Finding Information About The Pro’s And Con’s Of Breast Implant Enhancement Or Reductions. Know Before You Go.

Reading as much information prior to making the decision is important, not after you have made the choice in your mind before investigating the dangers. You should never do anything to your body before knowing all the facts, side effects, after effects years later, etc. You could regret your choice if you don’t fully understand the dangers that can occur. Such as, once you get implants, you will need another surgery down the road because the life of the implants, especially saline, is very short (1-10 yrs. life) and silicone is downright dangerous and toxic. But I am not here to only talk about the cautions.

So, What Are The Pluses Of A Breast Implant Anyway?

Well, the obvious would be that if done correctly they could look awesome and beautiful. They leave your breasts full and not saggy like life likes to do to us women in this thing called life, and growing older. For those of us who may (I don’t apply) have had a breast implant done for cosmetic reasons of insecurity, they can (sadly enough) make our self-esteem greater, leaving us with grace and confidence. And somewhere deep within, we feel we are a notch ahead of Pamela Anderson. Make sure you know, before you go. Know your reasons, and be aware of the pros and cons, just as you would any other surgery. Til, the next time… enjoy those perky breasts…

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