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Bulldog Puppy: Are You the Right Owner for Him?

The bulldog boasts determination, so if he has it in his mind to love you and make you love him, he’s unstoppable!


Bulldog Puppy

by Rachel Johnson

Is a Bulldog Puppy Right for you?

If you’re interested in getting a bulldog puppy, or any breed of puppy, there are many things you should consider before going ahead with this major purchase. A bulldog puppy is a living, breathing, needing thing. A puppy does not make a good impulse buy, because long after the novelty has worn off, he’ll still be there, needing and loving you.

Some things you should ask yourself before purchasing your puppy:

  • Do you have the time to bond with your new bulldog puppy?
  • Do you have the skills to train your new puppy? If not, how will you train him?
  • Do you have the money to feed and provide your bulldog puppy with all of his needs and medical treatments?
  • Will everyone in the home accept and love your new puppy?

If you decide that you can make time for your dog and provide him with all of his needs and wants, then you should be sure that the bulldog is the right breed for you. Despite his somewhat extreme physical bearing, the bulldog has a surprisingly passive and friendly disposition. The bulldog puppy loves people of all ages. A bulldog is affectionate, loving, intelligent, and highly trainable. While he is trainable, the bulldog puppy is also very charming and can charm his way into your heart, and out of trouble very easily! The bulldog boasts determination, so if he has it in his mind to love you and make you love him, he’s unstoppable!

While the bulldog puppy starts out relatively small, he’ll end up being about twelve to fourteen inches tall, weighing forty to fifty five pounds. The bulldog is the image of a tugboat, small yet powerful! The bulldog has a short coat that comes in various brindles white and pied (white with any of the various brindles), and Dudley (black and black with tan) are the most common color combinations.

The bulldog is a wonderful breed that can fit into the lives of almost anyone who would like to have a dog. But, the bulldog is a people pleaser and he needs time, attention, and love from his owners, so only those that have time should consider this breed of dog. The bulldog puppy can be trained to be an inside or an outside dog, so long as he has regular contact with his owners.

If you decide that the bulldog puppy is the one for you, you’ll delight in getting to know your new friend! He’s kind, compassionate, and so ugly he’s cute! He’s big enough that he’ll provide you a feeling of comfort and safety, yet small enough he’ll fit perfectly into your home and your heart!


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