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Cabbage Patch Kid: The Infamous Dolls & the Rare Cartoons

Even today, the Cabbage Patch Kid holds the distinction of the most successful new doll introduction in the history of the toy industry.


Cabbage Patch Kid

by Rachel Johnson

The oft imitated but never duplicated Cabbage Patch Kid

A Cabbage Patch Kid is a doll that is manufactured and marketed for children, but is also a popular item among collectors. The Cabbage Patch Kid is recognizable by its vinyl head, and stuffed soft body marked with the signature of the creator, Xavier Roberts, on its bottom side. These dolls are played with and loved by children of all ages.

The Cabbage Patch Kid was one of the top ten most popular toys when it hit the market in 1982. By the end of 1983 more than three million of the dolls had been “adopted” and the manufacturer couldn’t come close to meeting the consumer demand. During the eighties the Cabbage Patch Kid was on the covers of national magazines and even traveled in space.

During the nineties the Cabbage Patch Kid was still insanely popular, selling sixty five million copies by the end of 1990. During this time some of the original versions of the Cabbage Patch Kid began selling for hundreds of dollars despite the original adoption fee of less than thirty dollars. Collectors realized that after ten years of immense popularity, the dolls would be worth a lot of money in the future. Throughout the nineties the dolls were very popular being made the first official mascot of the U.S. Olympic team, and even had stamps commemorating their memorable place in the eighties.

Even today, the Cabbage Patch Kid holds the distinction of the most successful new doll introduction in the history of the toy industry. Most toys have a very short lifespan; they are only “cool” for a few months, or years if they are lucky. The Cabbage Patch Kid definitely has staying power. A toy that is as simple, yet unique as the Cabbage Patch Kid will undoubtedly continue to be popular for as long as they are made.

The children who loved the Cabbage Patch Kid during the eighties are now buying the dolls for their kids and reliving the experience of selecting the perfect one, taking it out of it’s box, filling out the adoption certificate, and loving it like your own. The cool, but rarely seen, Cabbage Patch Kid cartoons are even available on dvd now!

The Cabbage Patch Kid seems to be making another come back, as they seem to be more prominently displayed on toy store shelves in the last couple years. And, kids are still drawn to them for their unique look, and fun and loveable quality. Even with all the cool gadgets out there, there just isn’t anything quite like the Cabbage Patch Kid!

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