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Calvin Klein Bedding

"You simply can’t go wrong decorating your bedroom with Calvin Klein bedding."







Calvin Klein Bedding
by Teddi McDonald

How Could Calvin Klein Bedding Be Anything but Chic?

Remember those really interesting, sexy Calvin Klein TV and magazine ads with Brooke Shields saying “Nothing comes between me and my Calvins”? Then there were the later ones with partially clothed young people doing things you couldn't be sure of? Well, those ads were so successful that they got everyone in the press talking about whether Calvin Klein was going too far. In the mean time, all that PR sold thousands of pairs of really tight jeans and launched Klein’s career, turning his name into a household word. The Calvin Klein bedding collection was introduced much more recently, where the same statement applies “Nothing comes between me and my Calvins”.

Earlier in his career, Calvin Klein, the originator of designer jeans, started out by creating women’s trench coats with spare designs and clean lines. As his popularity grew, he developed a full line of sophisticated but sensual women’s clothing. And, just as with all his other creative efforts, the Calvin Klein bedding line reflects his award winning design concepts and impeccable taste.

In the early 80’s, Klein turned from jeans to men’s underwear. This formerly boring product gained panache and excitement through Calvin Klein’s edgy sexy magazine ads showing nearly naked young male models. The ads did offend lots of people but they also created a lot of buzz with the press and sold tons of men’s underwear. Compared to his racy clothing lines, Calvin Klein bedding is a bit more on the conservative side.

The Calvin Klein bedding collections include mix and match versions of sheets, comforters, duvets, blankets and bed skirts. The really fun thing about these collections is that all the pieces fit together like a puzzle. The colors and patterns complement each other, allowing you to easily buy a few pieces at a time to create elegant bedroom ensembles. Klein has done all the work of figuring out which colors and patterns look best together, so all you have to do is follow his design suggestions and color combinations to have a continually elegant and sophisticated look for your bedroom.

One of the most striking newer groupings from the Khaki collection is called “Abaca Weave”. These coordinating and luxurious sheets, comforters, shams and blankets reflect the elegance of Calvin Klein bedding. The colors are muted light to dark burgundy, with a touch of medium toned beige. The Abaca Weave comforter is a modern subtle plaid in a rich medium burgundy. The coordinating “Tattersall” sheets are predominantly beige with a light burgundy plaid. The Abaca “Geranium” sheets come in a very dark almost ruby color with a brownish overtone, a very elegant contrast to the other colors in the collection. Finally, the Abaca blankets, made of 100% cotton have a very interesting textured plaid combination with several tones of burgundy and beige. This set reflects the thought that Calvin Klein puts into his designs. You simply can’t go wrong in decorating your bedroom with Calvin Klein bedding.

Here’s a link to more about the history of Calvin Klein and his designs including Calvin Klein bedding

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