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Car Rental Brisbane

"It’s easy to feel like a fish out of water when you’re a tourist with a car rental. Brisbane has road signs that you may not be familiar with."





Car Rental Brisbane

by Steve Theunissen

You’re planning a trip to Aussie and you’ve decided that you’ll take advantage of the maximum mobility of a car rental. Brisbane is where you’ll get started. Smart thinking. But, before you head onto the Aussie roads better spend a few minutes getting acclimatized to the local driving conditions. That way your car rental, Brisbane style will stay a good idea rather than a disastrous one. Here then, are some local driving tips to get you driving like an old digger in the land of Oz.

Car Rental Brisbane Tip No.1

Become a leftist. It would be a whole lot easier if the whole world drove on the same side of the road. That is, unfortunately, not the case and manner visitors get into serious road trouble by slipping back into the right habit. When you’re turning into a different street, think consciously of turning into the left hand lane rather than the right as you’re used to back home. You’ll find, too, that the left most lane is reserved for the slowest moving vehicles.

Car Rental Brisbane Tip No.2

Adhere to the Speed Limit. For a long time the speed limit in built up residential areas has been 50 kilometers per hour. In recent times, however, this has been upped in certain areas to 69 kilometers per hour. Look out for the easily distinguishable road speed limit signs. On country roads and highways, the speed limit is 100 kilometers per hour. In some remote areas this is upped to 110 kilometers per hour.

Car Rental Brisbane Tip No.3

Don’t Drink and Drive. If you’ve been drinking do not get behind of your Car rental. Brisbane has some of the most stringent enforcement laws in all of Australia, so if you do escape injury or death, you’re likely to be paying through the nose for your stupidity. . The legal limit in Brisbane is as follows:

*** 30mg alcohol per 100 ml of blood for drivers under 20 years

*** 80mg alcohol per 100 ml of blood for drivers 20 years and over.

If you are above the legal limit you will lose your insurance cover and face stiff police imposed fines.

Car Rental Brisbane Tip No.4

Understand the Signs. It’s easy to feel like a fish out of water when you’re a tourist with a car rental. Brisbane has got road signs that you may not be familiar with. Here are the main ones:

*** No Standing – This simply means that you can’t allow your car to stand in the designated area except to drop off or pick up.

*** No Stopping – means exactly what it says, except in the event of a medical emergency.

*** Loading & Unloading Zone – Utilities, vans and trucks only are permitted to stop here if delivering or picking up some king of cargo.

Car Rental Brisbane Tip No.5

Intersections – Always use your indicator at intersections. Always obey the traffic lights, signs and arrows marked on the road. If turning, yield to all traffic not turning. Yield to all traffic crossing or approaching from your right.

You will enjoy the luxury of freedom of movement with a car rental. Brisbane, however, will expect you to be a responsible, well informed driver. Don’t let the city down.


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