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Cheap Hotels Honolulu

Try to visit some of the other islands as well—they also have cheap hotels. Honolulu is a big city on a small island—the true tropical paradise may be found on some of the other islands.








Cheap Hotels Honolulu

by Shari Bookstaff

Hawaiian Paradise

Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii! Beginning with your flight, you’ll notice a difference on your Hawaiian vacation. It seems that everyone on the plane is going on vacation, and in fact, most of them are.

Landing in Honolulu, you're given a real Hawaiian welcome, complete with hula girls and a flower lei greeting. Of course you can take a trip to Hawaii and look for cheap hotels. Honolulu is a vast metropolis with horrible traffic, miles of beaches crowded with tourists, and dozens of cheap hotels. Honolulu is also the place to honor the memory of Pearl Harbor, see marine mammals at Sea Life Park, ride the waves, home to many endangered species, and the site of the Pro Bowl, the NFL’s all-star game.

Pearl Harbor: Pearl Harbor is, of course, the site of the devastating surprise attack that launched the US’s involvement in World War II. The USS Arizona Memorial stands as a monument to that “day of infamy”. Shuttle boats take visitors out to the USS Arizona, where 1100 men died during the attack.

Sea Life Park: On the windward (eastern) side of the island, where it is mountainous, wet and lush, is a beautiful vista overlooking Sea Life Park. This park features many species of marine wildlife, and is a great introduction to the underwater area before snorkeling or scuba diving. Since Sea Life Park is a bit away from the main beaches, in this area you won’t find many cheap hotels. Honolulu’s most famous beach, Waikiki Beach, hosts Waikiki Aquarium, where you can also see much undersea life, including one of the rarest mammals alive: the Monk Seal. Sea Life Park has various marine mammals such as dolphins, false killer whales, and sea lions, as well as penguins (not Hawaiian natives) and a 300,000 gallon Hawaiian reef tank. The even have interactive adventures with some of the animals! You can afford these if you saved money staying in a cheap hotel in Honolulu!

Endangered Species: Since Hawaii is an island, many species are endemic, meaning that they are found nowhere else on earth. Endemic species are in special danger of extinction, as are species living on an island. In fact, Hawaii has the greatest number of endangered species than any other state. Many new species have been introduced to the islands by humans; and competition with native species spells disaster. If you’ve saved money on your Hawaiian vacation by staying in cheap hotels, check your pocket book for extra change to support one of many conservation groups in Honolulu working to protect these endangered species.

Football Fantasy Camp: If you get the chance to attend the NFL Pro Bowl, it will seem like a weekend at Football Fantasy Camp. Players and family members stay at one of the very plush, fancy hotels, usually far away from the mainstream where you’ll find cheap hotels. Honolulu is the home of Aloha Stadium, where the game is played, and some open practices are held. All the big names in the NFL are there, and most of them graciously sign autographs for fans in the stands.

Plan your vacation carefully. Try to visit some of the other islands as well—they also have cheap hotels. Honolulu is a big city on a small island—the true tropical paradise may be found on some of the other islands.


Shari Bookstaff is a biology professor in northern California, where she lives with her two children. Shari is an avid nature lover, sports fan and photographer.

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