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Looking for a great Christmas craft idea?
Crafts, decorating, food, and gift ideas
by Jessica Cuccioli

Ms. Cuccioli is a Southwest Florida journalism student with a diverse background - she is half Italian, half Jewish, was raised a Messianic Jew, and studied at a Christian Bible college for a year. Humor is also a big part of her life, and she's one of the few souls brave enough to attempt stand-up comedy. Ms. Cuccioli has also been published in the Charlotte Sun. Best of all, she was engaged to be married in Fall 2004.

Remember as a young child the joys we used to feel when the holidays were approaching?

What happened?

Well, it's quite simple, really. We grew up and realized all those beautiful things that surround us during the holidays don't just materialize out of thin air. The turkey doesn't cook itself, the Christmas tree didn't decorate itself, and all of your grandmother's pretty holiday crafts didn't make themselves. And hey, you never had to think of your own Christmas craft idea.

Yet, even in our busy world we tend to over-stress ourselves around these times meant to be relaxing and joyful. All of the planning and preparations for the holidays can be joyful if we learn to budget, plan, relax, remember to laugh, and above all, remember to breath.

Christma Craft Ideas for the kids

Children love spending time with their parents, especially around the holidays. This is the perfect time to share something special with them. Even if you don't have any favorite childhood Christmas crafts ideas, there's numerous ideas you can find that you'll both enjoy. A popular one is the ice-cream cone ornament. It's easy to do and you will more than likely already have the supplies needed in your cabinets.

You can use any type of cone you'd like, though the sugar cones are better because the top is even. Apply glue to the inside top of the ice-cream cone, then place a round glass ornament (any solid color) on top. Allow a few minutes to dry

Apply about a dime-sized drop of glue to the top of the ornament, and use a toothpick to spread it over the top half (work around the hook because you'll want to hang it up!). Then sprinkle on rainbow sprinkles, glitter, tiny plastic jewels, or any other "topping" you can dream up.

Here are some great links for children's Christmas craft idea:
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Is it really Christmas without a wreath?

Some traditions have been given new twists. Here is a very simple way to give the traditional wreath a new twist. It will make your home look -and smell - beautiful. The perfect Christmas craft idea.

Use small to medium branch clippings from your Christmas tree.

Twist plastic berries into pines in bunches of 1, 2, 3, and 4 (this gives it a more real effect as nature is not perfect). You can usually find these at any dollar store or craft store. Tie thin shiny ribbon (any color - I used gold and red berries and gold and red ribbon) to the bark and curl with scissors. Thread through the pines.

These look beautiful on top of a window valance, and you could even thread lights through them. You could also hang them up, make a candle holder centerpiece, or place them into a large vase with decorative stones. These "modern" wreaths are pretty versatile!

Here's some more great ideas:
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Elegance, style, and more ideas

If you are looking for Christmas craft ideas that'll add elegance and style to your home for the holidays, don't stress. There are lots of ways to do this without burning a hole in your wallet or having to set your alarm clock 2 hours earlier. Check out these awesome sites:

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