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The Congratulations Laptop – a New Phenomenon in Gift Giving

This is why the Congratulations Laptop is becoming so big – the world today is so fast-paced and enmeshed with computer technology, everyone can use a good laptop computer.



Congratulations Laptop

by Amy Finley

The Congratulations Laptop – the gift for the new millennium

With the continuing advances in technology, it is no wonder that a new gift-giving phenomenon is beginning – the congratulations laptop. The potential of use for laptop computers has never been greater. With the availability of so many low-end and used or refurbished price options, laptops have never been easier to get -- or to give.

Laptop computers can be designed to do virtually anything a desktop computer does – with the added benefits of being lightweight and portable. This is why the congratulations laptop is becoming so big – the world today is so fast-paced and enmeshed with computer technology, everyone can use a good laptop computer.

Giving a congratulations laptop doesn’t have to be for a specific occasion…

Giving a congratulations laptop does not have to be based on a formal event. I received my congratulations laptop after high school when I moved out and got my own apartment. My brother’s girlfriend at the time gave me the laptop she had used in college. Even though it wasn’t brand new, it was a token of congratulations for starting out on my own that meant a lot, and it was definitely a lifesaver.

As a college student and young mom, having that laptop meant that instead of having my daughter in daycare or with a baby-sitter for hours while I typed countless papers, I could type my papers at home with my daughter playing by my side. Then all I had to do was put them on a floppy disk, pop the disk in one of the computers at school between classes, and print them out.

There are many occasions that would be perfect to give a congratulations laptop. It not only affirms the person receiving the laptop, but also will be a gift that you know will be well appreciated and used. Some great occasions for giving a congratulations laptop include:

  • Graduation: A perfect time for a congratulations laptop at virtually any age. (Middle school, high school, college, etc.) Regular laptops might be best given to those over 12, but there are a number of laptops and other hi-tech educational toys out there that are perfect for younger kids. (See my article on Bratz Laptops and other hi-tech toys for more on this).
  • First ‘real’ job: When your son or daughter, niece or nephew gets their first ‘real’ job might be the perfect time to bestow him or her with a congratulations laptop.
  • Changing jobs or starting a new career.
  • Getting a promotion.
  • Birthdays – particularly the ‘big ones, like 16 (c'mon, it’s a lot safer and cheaper than a car, isn’t it?), 18, 21, etc.
  • An honor or award.
  • A personal accomplishment or achievement.
  • A personal or business success (i.e. writing or publishing one’s first book).
  • First apartment or first home.
  • First child (not for the baby, of course, but to help the parent or parents balance work and family – maybe even making telecommuting possible).

A congratulations laptop is a gift that you know will be well used and appreciated. What other gift can you knowingly say that about? It is an affirming and meaningful gift that can be given on virtually any occasion. Check out that list again -- if you think about it, maybe you even deserve to give one to yourself!

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Good luck in your cyber search for your congratulations laptop!


In addition to being a freelance journalist with PULSEMEDIA International, Ms. Finley is also a creative writer and a graduate student of English at Cleveland State University. She lives in Rome, Ohio with her husband and three young children.


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