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Continental Tires

An important piece of advice is that when it comes to tires, whether you decide to go with Continental Tires or another brand, is that it doesn’t pay to skimp and get the cheap ones.





Continental Tires

by Amy Finley

The New ContiExtreme: Continental Tires for Safety

Okay, first off, for anyone wondering why a woman’s writing about tires…c’mon it is 2005, after all. Second, living in Northeastern Ohio, men and women alike have no choice but to be concerned with the condition and quality of their tires. (If you’re not familiar with Northeastern Ohio weather, we have plenty of snow, slush, black ice, freezing rain, and other fun stuff to deal with during the winter months). Continental Tires is a world leader in the tire industry, and it’s important to buy tires that you can trust to be safe for you and your family, no matter what kinds of weather conditions you face.

Continental Tires ContiExtreme

Continental Tires has developed a new tire called the ContiExtreme. This tire is designed to handle all weather conditions in a revolutionary way. The tread pattern is based on ‘shark fin’ biomechanics which will provide an excellent grip and resistance to hydroplaning, which is essential, considering that people in most areas find themselves having to deal with hydroplaning at one time or another (frequently if ya face winters like those we do in Ohio).

What other tires are comparable to the ContiExtreme
by Continental Tires?

Some of the other ‘big guys’ in tire manufacturing offer tires similar to the Contiextreme by Continental Tires in terms of performance and durability.

  • Michelin offers the new HydroEdge, complete with a 90,000 mile satisfaction guarantee and 2 years roadside assistance, designed to have maximum control in any conditions, including high resistance to hydroplaning.
  • Goodyear offers the Hydragrip, which grips the road better under breaking even in wet and snowy conditions.
  • Bridgestone offers the Blizzak line of tires whose tread pattern offers maximal safety in any weather because of the dynamic tire shape.

Other tire tips

According to experts, in order to maintain the life of your Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone or Continental tires, especially during severe weather, it’s important to check the tire pressure frequently. Insufficient tire pressure will shorten the life of your tires, and may cause them to crack.

Also, if you drive a car infrequently, it is highly advisable to move or drive the car at least once every couple of weeks to avoid getting flat spots on the tires. Experts also advise using a product like Armor All Tire Protectant to keep the tires in their best shape.

Whether you buy Continental Tires ContiExtreme or another brand…

Although it doesn’t apply to everything, with tires, the old cliché ‘you get what you pay for’ truly applies. An important piece of advice is that when it comes to tires, whether you decide to go with Continental Tires or another brand, is that it doesn’t pay to skimp and get the cheap ones. Insufficient traction, tire blowout, and inability to handle water, ice, and snow on the roadways are key causes of many accidents.

It’s worth getting a trusted brand of tires whose performance and ability you can count out, both for your own peace of mind and in order to assure the safety of you and your family.

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In addition to being a freelance writer for Pulsemed International, Ms. Finley is a graduate student working on her M. A. in English Literature at Cleveland State University, a creative writer, and an editor with Editfast. Ms. Finley is also the mother of three young children.


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