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Cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery


"The benefits could be worth the cost of gastric bypass surgery. Seventy five percent of patients are expected to lose eighty percent of their excess body weight."




Cost of Gastric Bypass Surgery
by Patrick Austin

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Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in America. It effects one third of the adult population in this country according to the American Obesity Association. Iif you are considered obese a possible solution could be through gastric bypass surgery. Though, the cost of gastric bypass surgery can be high, both financially and health wise.

The benefits could be worth the cost of gastric bypass surgery. Seventy five percent of patients are expected to lose eighty percent of their excess body weight. Well over seventy percent of patients with hypertension will be off their medications and well over ninety percent of patients with type II diabetes are expected to be off medication. You could also see a drastic improvement in these areas: sleep apnea, asthma, joint pain, arthritis, fatigue, and shortness of breath. Many people say it’s give them an overall increased sense of well-being.

There is expected to be a significant reduction in risks of heart disease, pulmonary disease and cancers after the surgery. When you are morbidly obese, your lifespan is reduced by as much as twenty percent, depending on your age and health problems. There is a significant improvement in quality of life and self-esteem in people who have undergone this procedure. So the cost of gastric bypass surgery could very well be worth it.

Though it is important to understand that this surgery should be taken serious. In general, the risks to morbidly obese patients are greater for most surgeries than are for patients who are not morbidly obese. The risks are very low, however, they are very real and should be considered when making a decision as to your candidacy for this procedure. It’s okay to feel that the cost of gastric bypass surgery is too much for you to handle.

It is important to understand your role in the gastric bypass surgery. First and foremost, it is a tool for weight loss. It is not a magic bullet and will not guarantee results without complete dedication by yourself and by your doctor. You need to commit yourself to a healthy eating plan and exercise routine after the surgery. That’s the only way to maintain your weight loss. This will ensure the cost of gastric bypass surgery isn’t wasted.

After the surgery, you will be given specific instructions indicating what you may and may not do in terms of physical activity and eating wise. You will need to remain on a liquid diet after leaving the hospital.

Several weeks after you have completed the surgery, you will be able to eat regular food in small quantities. Always remember that a few bites of food will make you feel full. The following points need to be emphasized-- Listen to your stomach, not your eyes. Stop eating when you feel full, even if it seems that you have not eaten enough. One bite too many may cause significant discomfort. One extra bite may cause you to vomit. You do not need a lot of food. This is a cost of gastric bypass surgery. You won’t be able to eat large amounts of food and you need to be vigilant of what you eat at all times.

Exercise is important in the recovery from any operation. Walking is one of the most effective forms of exercise for this purpose. A regular exercise program is highly recommended. Begin with very short walks several times a day and gradually increase the distance. Walking also improves muscle tone while you are losing weight. Do not, at first, engage in strenuous exercise. For example, do not lift more than ten pounds at a time. About six weeks after surgery, you should be able to tolerate all but the most strenuous exercises.

The cost of gastric bypass surgery is high, but it’s well worth it if you’ve tried everything else and failed. It’s a dramatic and life altering decision, so remember to give it a lot of thought and do your research. Here are some good web sites with more information:

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