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Cruise European Waters: Tour Europe in Style and Comfort

Cruise European style and enjoy every minute of your day. The cruising life is nearly perfect.


Cruise European Waters

by James Dyer

Are You Looking to Cruise European Waters?

Tour European cities! Retiring each night to the comfort of your stateroom on a luxurious cruise ship or river and canal cruising barge. Visit all of those places you have dreamed of seeing, Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Venice, Prague, and more. Cruise European waters and you can travel from city to city in style aboard a watercraft specifically designed to satisfy the needs and desires of the discerning traveler. Many of these Cruise ships have casinos aboard, and nearly all have fine dining establishments and fully stocked bars, so that you can spend your traveling time relaxing in whichever way you prefer.

Europe is connected nearly as well by rivers and canals, as it is by road or train.

Before trains, planes and automobiles, most commercial traffic across Europe went by river barge. That means that most of the older (and therefore more interesting) European cities are easily accessible by water, in many cases these rivers run right through the heart of the city. The Thames runs through London, the Seine through Paris, the Po through Turin, the Rhone runs from the Lake and city of Geneva, through Lyon, and to the Mediterranean Sea not far from Marseilles. Now you can river cruise European cities on well appointed passenger barges, following the trades routes of the ancients in modern luxury.

Cruise European Countries, The Danube runs through approximately nine European Countries.

That’s right, the famous Danube runs from the mountains of southern Germany, near the border with Switzerland, through Austria, provides the border between Slovakia and Hungary, then turns South to make a border between Croatia and Serbia. From there she heads East again to run between Romania and Bulgaria before empting into the Black Sea.
Along the way the Danube passes through Ingolstadt, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Ruse and Galati, thousands of years of history and over a thousand miles of beautiful European Countryside. Several river cruise touring companies offer packages along the Danube running from a couple of days up to three weeks of lazy summer afternoon siestas on the deck as the rolling hills go by.

Cruise European coastlines, aboard one of the many ocean cruising ships of the region.

Visit England, Ireland, or the coast of France in the Bay of Biscay. Head South and West from there around Spain and through the Straits of Gibraltar and into the Mediterranean. There you can stroll along the streets of Cartagena, or Palma on the Spanish island of Baleares. Barcelona is just up the coast from there. Cross the border into France and hit Marseilles, and Corsica where Napoleon was born. Into Italy now, and you can stop in Genoa, Rome, Naples, and Palermo...and so on into the Adriatic, and then the Aegean heading for Greece and Turkey.

Cruise European style and enjoy every minute of your day.

The cruising life is nearly perfect, as much of the travel is accomplished while you are sleeping in comfortable staterooms with real beds. In the morning you wake up with a new city to visit and breakfast waiting on either in the dining room or on deck. You can call to have fresh coffee delivered to your stateroom, while you shower, so that it’s steaming hot outside your door when you come out in your robe. You can drink it on the balcony of your room, looking out on the passing countryside, and then dress for the day as the ship pulls into port; and you just saunter down the gangplank and on into town to enjoy the history and culture of yet another country… for more info on how to Cruise European Waters

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