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Day Spa Los Angeles: Top Luxury California Mini-Retreats

For a peaceful getaway in the midst of urban madness, you can't beat a day spa. Los Angeles is home to some of the top California luxury day spas.



Day Spa Los Angeles

by Amara Rose

Quick: what comes to mind first when you think, "Los Angeles"? Traffic gridlock? Multi-million dollar homes? Haute couture? Celebrity sightings?

If you said day spa, Los Angeles is clearly your mini-vacation destination.

Day Spas Offer a Retreat in the Midst of Life's Chaos

For a peaceful getaway in the midst of urban madness, you can't beat a day spa. Los Angeles is home to some of the top California luxury day spas—which also make the ultimate romantic escape.

When It Comes to Choosing a Day Spa, Los Angeles Offers An Array of Amenities

Picture pampering yourself with a trendy hot stone massage. Some day spas offer couples massage, where tandem therapists take you beyond bliss together. There are body treatments such as herbal wraps, exfoliating facials, hydrotherapy baths, custom waxing, manicures and pedicures, and, of course, spa packages and specials.

Offerings differ by day spa. Los Angeles, however, has a wide selection of superb spas to choose among. Some day spas even include a health club, so you can work out and then bliss out.

Make a Day Spa Adventure Part of Your Business Travel!

If your profession calls for frequent business travel, you'll want to include a revitalizing visit to a day spa. Los Angeles might be just an airport and hotel room otherwise. In fact, you can map your trips by day spa cities! Going to the nation's capital? Make sure your itinerary includes, "day spa Washington D.C." If you regularly touch down in New York, San Francisco, Miami or San Diego, you can become a day spa connoisseur in each city.

Honeymoon at a Day Spa, Los Angeles Is An "Anything Goes" Town

Some creative souls have even been known to honeymoon at a day spa. Los Angeles offers sanctuary in the form of nature, nurture and excellent views, not to mention the salon factor, and discounts on fine dining. If you've only got a day to escape with your beloved, what better place to spend it than a day spa?

From Los Angeles to New York, A Day Spa Will Rejuvenate Both Body and Spirit

So don't wait for a reason to book your first (or next) visit to a day spa. Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco—wherever you may roam, a day spa awaits your weary body, eager to refresh, relax and rejuvenate you. It's one luxury that's a necessity in today's tired, wired world.

Grab that telephone book or log on to your laptop, and look up day spa Los Angeles. And if you want to see how effective spa treatments are, just watch what happens as soon as you book your appointment: your body will start tingling.


Amara Rose offers life purpose coaching, talks, tapes/CDs, e-courses, play shops, and a FREE inspirational monthly newsletter, What Shines. She's also a "business alchemist" who has word smithed everything from white papers to web content. For more Amara, visit or e-mail

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