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The Dell Dimension 8100: A great computer for business applications!

When the Dell Dimension 8100 first rolled off the assembly line, I was immediately impressed with the clarity of its 19-inch monitor -- and its beautiful, black and silver tower!




Dell Dimension 8100

If you’re looking for a great computer for your home business, you might want to take a close look at the Dell Dimension 8100. While the 8100 represents Dell technology that’s been around for a few years, it’s still a good buy – especially if you’re looking for enough computing power for business applications or video games.

Need a sleek and sophisticated look? The Dell Dimension 8100 has it!

When the Dell Dimension 8100 first rolled off the assembly line, I was immediately impressed with the clarity of its 19-inch M991 monitor -- and its beautiful, black and silver tower! The Dimension 8100 monitor’s ability to display both rich colors and sparkling text caused me to take a second look. The Dell Dimension’s champagne glass-shaped HK 695 speakers provided an additional dimension of sophistication to the model’s overall good looks.

The Dell Dimension 8100 – Beauty is not just skin deep!

Another great feature of the Dell Dimension 8100 is its processing ability. Equipped with an Intel 1.7-GHz Pentium 4 processor and 128MB of RDRAM, the Dimension 8100 is certainly fast enough to handle most business and entertainment applications. While some digital video editing enthusiasts might prefer a model that sports a larger hard drive and more RAM, the Dimension 8100 has more than enough computing power to run a home business. Upgrades are also available that will enable your Dell Dimension 8100 to do it all!

A real plus with the Dell Dimension 8100 has been the inclusion of Microsoft’s Office XP Small Business Edition, which comes bundled . Anyone who’s ever used this package needs little persuasion, if any, of its serviceability for owners of small businesses. This software package fits the Dell Dimension 8100 like a hand in a glove. A perfect match for running a business!

Looking for a sure thing? The Dell Dimension 8100 is it!

As I’ve indicated elsewhere, my students often come to me for suggestions about their computer needs. They all know that I’m hard to convince that every new technological flavor-of-the-month should be immediately adopted. They’re also aware that I like to find a good thing and stick with it.

I’ve been known to hold on to a sure thing – even when my colleagues have sometimes prematurely thrown out the tried-and-true in their never-ending quest for something better and new. As we all are aware, just because a particular technology is brand new doesn’t mean it’s necessarily better. That’s a lesson we can all take to the bank!

So, if you’re looking for a great computer that will definitely get the job done, look no further than the Dell Dimension 8100. Be sure to check out the great deals on this page!

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