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Delphi XM Radio: Commercial Free, Portable, Diverse Broadcast Experience

Delphi XM radio broadcasts a huge number of channels unavailable on FM/AM radio...whether electronic, dance, salsa, or country western... For example, I never hear house, drum and bass, or ambient music on FM radio, but you can find all of those of XM radio.



Delphi XM Radio

by Brian Honeycutt

XM: The Best Place to Find Diversity on the Radio

The Delphi XM radio is a satellite radio that broadcasts a huge amount of channels not available via traditional radio. There are many different musical styles to choose from, whether its electronic dance, salsa, or country western. XM radio broadcasts a lot of music that is very different than what you hear on FM radio. For example, I never hear house, drum and bass, or ambient music on FM radio, but you can find all of those of XM radio.

There are also a great many sources for informational news on XM radio. These include stations such as USA Today, BBC World Service, PBS's News Hour with Jim Lehrer, Bloomberg News Radio, NASCAR, CNN News, Radio One, Salem Communications, and The Weather Channel. You’re likely to find a lot more variety with these news stations than you would on AM radio. However, you can still receive all of your local channels on your Delphi XM radio, so you won’t have to worry about missing any important news.

What’s even better is that a lot of the channels available on the Delphi XM radio are commercial free. You won’t find any station on your standard radio that offers this great benefit (other than a pirate radio station anyway). If you’re like most people, you can easily appreciate having the news and the music without someone trying to sell you the same thing dozens of times a day.

XM radio is broadcast from XM's broadcast center in Washington D.C. This broadcast center, the world's largest all-digital studio complex, uplinks to two Boeing 702 satellites. These signals are then broadcast to your Delphi XM radio. You can get a Delphi XM radio that fits in your car, a complete XM home or office system, or a Delphi system that does both. Most XM radios from Delphi are also able to broadcast directly to your FM radio, giving your old radio new life.

Some versions of the Delphi XM radio, such as the MyFi, are actually portable. These miniature versions of your standard XM satellite radio carry the exact same channels are your larger version. If you lead an active, independent lifestyle, you’ll probably like having a radio station with hundreds of independent, commercial-free radio stations that you can take with you wherever you go.

There are also a ton of accessories you buy for your Delphi XM radio. These include tape adapters, power supplies, micro antennas, and remote controls. There are also FM modulators if your Delphi XM radio does not come with the capability to broadcast directly to your FM radio. Or you can by a little docking bay for the xm radio you use in your car, including one that swivels. When it comes to music, accessories, and functionality, XM radio is all about options.

A list of channels you can hear on your Delphi XM radio

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