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Design Your Own T-Shirt: Say and Show What You Want

The possibilities are endless when you can design your own t-shirt…. Do you have something to say? Do you believe in a cause? Want to make a statement? Do it by designing your own t-shirt.





Design Your Own T-Shirt

by Laura Morgan

Have you ever had the thought, how you wish you could design your own t-shirt? Just they way YOU want it, your own designs, colors, etc? Well now you can. This has become some sort of hot topic craze in the last year or so. Everyone is doing it. Go on, design your own t-shirt, and speak your mind!

So how do you begin to design your own t-shirt?

Well there are many ways, you could take the traditional route and do it the old fashion way, sew it, and iron on your favorite patch. But the most common way people design your own t-shirt these days is actually online, on the Internet. You can do everything from the touch of your keyboard. Just bring your creativity and credit cards.

It is actually pretty cool. I run a forum for over 1100 members and I just began a t-shirt line where they design their own t-shirt. Of course, ours is on related topics of our forum, but nonetheless it is a cool idea to be able to design your own t-shirt.

The possibilities are endless when you can design your own t-shirt….

Do you have something to say? Do you believe in a cause, but would like to be original and make your own slogan? Got children? Dedicate a top to them, with their cute (embarrassing, nicknames)

Do you live with a computer geek? Ahhhh, especially with the computer people, the possibilities are endless in what you can do when you can design your own t-shirt. Let go, have fun, be creative, be bold.

Let’s set the scene….

You're walking with your spouse and you get to wear a t-shirt you designed that says, “ My husband’s feet are bigger than your husband’s.” or, “I’m his play toy” ok, maybe that is a little risqué, but you get the idea, you can be as mild or wild as you want to be when you design your own t-shirt. Pretty neat, right?

The benefits are humongous, because not only do you get to design your own t-shirt, but also you get to make a statement, speak your mind, and show off your work. Have a favorite graphic you found on the Internet? You can make your shirt with it. Got a crush on someone you’re to shy to speak out loud? Say it with a shirt, make him crazy wondering if it is him you meant, or tell him boldly with his first and last name, “ I like you, xxxxx, but I am to shy to let you know.” The signal is mixed, so now is interest is peaked because you’re shy, but so bold to say so on a shirt you designed. Like, I said be creative. It can be so much fun.


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