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E Z Go Golf Cart: EZ Is the Way to Go


Not just any golf cart will do. For golf cart technology at its zenith, think E Z Go, golf cart styling at its alpha and omega.


E Z Go Golf Cart

by Lance LaHara

(Avid golfer Lance LaHara never walks when he can roll)

Mark Twain is supposed to have said something about golf spoiling a good walk—but for dedicated golfers, it’s the other way around—walking can put a hurt on a first-class golf game. Sure, it’s nice to be out and about in beautiful green expanses—but ambulating those expanses can get pretty tedious, especially when precious golf time is limited. Besides, why should we walk when we can roll?

Roll Elegantly, E Z Golf Cart Style

Well, fellow divot-heads, that’s where the E Z Go Golf Cart comes in. Of course any golf cart is an improvement over shanks’ mare (my golfing grandpa’s term for walking), and when you drive a cart, you’re in classic and historic company. Think of WC Fields and John Barrymore, careening around exclusive Beverly Hills courses, swooping down on balls at full steam, leaning down from their carts as if they were riding polo ponies, swatting green shots on the fly with a club in one hand and a martini in the other, then racing pell-mell to the 19th hole . . .

But seriously, not just any golf cart will do. For golf cart technology at its zenith, think E Z Go, golf cart styling at its alpha and omega.

E Z Go, Golf Cart Features Deluxe

Want specifics? The E Z Go Golf cart features a 36 volt motor in the electric version, and a 9 HP motor in the gas model. Either way, you can cruise at 12-15 miles per hour with a passenger in the wide bench seat (which comes standard).

Pre-sunrise start or after sundown finish? No problem with the E Z Go Golf Cart dual halogen headlamps. And speaking of lights, taillights and turn signals come standard on the E Z Go. Golf cart storage a problem? Center storage baskets are always included.

And Even More Features ala E Z Go

Golf cart goodies don’t stop there: add a four-cup holder, divot repair basket, four-bag attaché, E Z charger, message holder, and even a towing system! Aftermarket companies sell even more accessories---how about seat covers, underseat trays, flared fenders, and a wide assortment of radios? Your foursome will go in style with the E Z go!

Golf cart styling just ramped up with racy colors—champagne beige and hunter green are standard, but you can upgrade to a rainbow of shades, from Patriot Blue Pearl to Flaming Red Metallic, from Bright Silver Metallic to Emerald Green Pearl. Add gold and silver hubcaps, ice-chest (eat your heart out, WC Fields!), rearview mirror, and fold down windshield, and you’re in the Caddy range of turf cruisers.

E Z Go accessories are about comfort, too---how about the all weather enclosure for a dry ride back to the clubhouse after a wet morning round?

Want to EZ Go to the top of the line?

Comfort, style, speed, dependability: no wonder E Z Go Golf Carts claim to be the number one golf cart in the world. They’ve got what it takes to get you off your feet and on your game!


Lance LaHara writes unique opinion pieces on life topics for Pulse MEDIA International (

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