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Feng Shui Bedroom

"If you want to accomplish more success in your life, then create the ideal feng shui bedroom by cleaning it up."





Feng Shui Bedroom

by Bliss Fleet
Master-Level Certified
Feng Shui Practitioner

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What makes a good feng shui bedroom?

Remember the old commercial for Calgon bath products? “Calgon take me away”? You get the idea. In terms of rest and rejuvenation your bedroom should feel like an oasis. A place to re-group and gather all of your resources to go out into the world again with a full head of steam.

The feng shui bedroom is clear of clutter.

If you are a pack rat or a tad messy, and it seems like is a lot to ask you to put away all of your receipts and clothing or whatever else qualifies as clutter, then read on. If you are not concerned about achieving optimal rewards with work or health or relationships, keep it messy. If you want to accomplish more success in your life, then create the ideal feng shui bedroom by cleaning it up. This space will feel more peaceful, and your life will likely seem smoother. If you feel stuck, this can help you get un-stuck and create a new source of energy. Clutter by definition means “a confused disorder, to fill so as to hamper movement or lower efficiency.” You might not need a feng shui expert to tell you that, but if you want to invite prosperity, good health, and better relationships into your life, keep your feng shui bedroom sparse, free of obstructions, and tidy.

Do the following exercise. Sit on your bed, if you’re not at home just imagine the view from your bed. Can you see the door? To be able to see the door, but not be in the direct line of that door, is what is known as the commanding position. The command position ensures that you can see what is coming, and eliminates surprises. Next, check out your décor. You should love every item that you have in the feng shui bedroom. Are there any objects that hold neutral meaning or even bad feelings? Is the mattress one that you used to share with your ex? Get rid of it. Slowly replace any old unwanted items with anything that lights you up when you look at it.

A good feng shui bedroom can help you obtain good fortune in many areas of your life.

Are there plants or fresh flowers in this room? Plants signify healthy abundance, and should be lush and lively with rounded leaves. They should not be spiky like cactus which can bring about prickly situations in life. Every time you water these plants you can envision that you are nourishing an area of your life such as your career, health or marriage. Watch and see if the areas of your life that you are now caring for by watering the plants, begin to flourish and grow.

If you are hoping to improve a marriage or looking for a new love to enter your life, look no further than your night stands. Are there two of them? If there is only one, you are still in single mode. One night stand screams that you would rather be alone, even if you are already partnered. The feng shui bedroom has two night stands of equal size, and similar if not matching design. This symbolize equality in a relationship. The same goes for lamps. One on each night stand of similar design, and working order, metaphorically says let there be light!

A head board is essential for a good feng shui bedroom.

This “must have” item should be solid and attached to the bed. A solid, attached headboard provides stability and support.

TV is a feng shui bedroom don’t.

It would be best to move the TV, along with other electronic equipment such as a computer, out of the bedroom. If that isn’t possible, at least put up a screen or hang a curtain to cover these objects when not in use. Also, exercise equipment is not ideal in the bedroom. All of these items in your oasis translate into relationships being a lot of work. The bedroom should be a place for rest and romance. Make these changes and you are likely to see immediate results.


Bliss Fleet is a Master-Level Certified Feng Shui Practitioner. She completed the three year BTB Professional Training Program, and has studied BTB Feng Shui with Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun, and others. Bliss has been a featured speaker and leads workshops on Creating Abundance and Transformation . She travels regularly between San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego for consultations, and provides businesses with marketing and public relations services. See her complete bio here.


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