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"Here's a Feng Shui Tip: In feng shui terms, the kitchen stove is a tool used for nourishment... it represents your ability to obtain food."





Feng Shui Tip

by Bliss Fleet
Master-Level Certified
Feng Shui Practitioner

Reprinted with permission from

In feng shui, three of the most important areas to assess in your home are the front door, the master bedroom, and the stove in your kitchen.

The front door represents the way life comes to us, our opportunities and possibilities. Does the door bell work? There is a saying “when opportunity knocks, don’t be the one who says, 'can someone else get that?'” Be ready to accept any good prospects that could be headed your way. Fix the bell and you’re likely to find more work, or more work will find you. Make sure your front entry is well maintained, clean, free of obstacles, and well lit.

An accumulation of dirt, debris, junk, or overgrown plants can block progress. Plants should be lively with rounded leaves, nothing sharp like cactus, which can be threatening (rather than inviting). You can paint your door red, or place red pots at the entrance with healthy green or red plants. The color red has the power to attract, like a moth to the flame, or X marks the spot. You are here!

Next, let’s look at the kitchen. The stove is a tool used for nourishment. In terms of feng shui, it represents the ability to obtain food, which comes from our work in the world. The stove is a powerful symbol for the flow of abundance and prosperity, and the ability to put food on the table.

Keep your stove exceptionally clean and make sure all burners are working. Gas stoves are best. A heat resistant mirror behind the stove, reflecting all burners, can double your potential for good health and prosperity. If you are someone who doesn’t cook much or you eat out a lot, start using the stove regularly, even if it’s just to boil water.

The master bedroom is the most critical room in the house. If you live with people that are not receptive to the principles of feng shui, you can create a great deal of change just by adjusting your bedroom. Don’t keep a lot of books or work related materials in this room.

Once you retreat to the bedroom, your mind should not be bogged down with the wear and tear of daily life. This is one space in your home that should be designed for being not doing. Make sure the circulation is good in this room and that all windows and doors are functioning smoothly.

Never have your bed positioned where your legs would be pointing out the door. This is the equivalent of being ready for a six foot pine box.

Don’t let things accumulate under your bed. Keep that space free of shoes, suitcases, various knick knacks, and dust bunnies. Storing things under the bed is like collecting mental clutter or excess baggage. If there are any empty doors such as closets or bathrooms, cover them with a curtain, or replace that open space with a door.

A bathroom in the bedroom can create a drain on health or wealth. Place a mirror on the bathroom door (on the side that faces the bedroom) to prevent harm. A mirror can alleviate that situation. The bigger the mirror the better.

Feng shui can help you harness life’s good fortune. If you have experienced any slumps or set-backs in such areas as wealth, health or romance, consider this your feng shui tip for better living.


Bliss Fleet is a Master-Level Certified Feng Shui Practitioner. She completed the three year BTB Professional Training Program, and has studied BTB Feng Shui with Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun, and others. Bliss has been a featured speaker and leads workshops on Creating Abundance and Transformation . She travels regularly between San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego for consultations, and provides businesses with marketing and public relations services. See her complete bio here.

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