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Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.

- Woody Allen (1935 - )



A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don't need it.

- Bob Hope (1903 - 2003)



Articles on Financial, Banking, Investment, etc.

  • American Express Gift Card - If you open your next birthday card and an American Express Gift Card falls out, I guarantee you, whatever amount it's good for will be a thrill. It's free money! It's welcome at all sorts of retail locations!
  • No Faxing Cash Advance -The fee you pay for a no faxing cash advance is usually less than the cost of not having the cash you need when you need it.
  • Insurance
    • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield - Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield offers more options by providing a larger network of physicians, specialists and hospitals from which to choose. With a larger network, you and your family will have better care.
    • Aetna Health Insurance - If you’re young and healthy, you may be thinking that you really don’t need to fork out money on Aetna health insurance. Big mistake.
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina - Blue Cross, Blue Shield of North Carolina has a wide variety of plans to provide health coverage for everyone. And, they’ve been doing this for 70 years.
    • HMO Health Insurance - The major advantage of an HMO Health Insurance plan is that your medical costs are tightly controlled.
    • UK Online Car Insurance Quote - When it’s time to get a UK online car insurance quote, you also want to make sure the company is big enough to handle your claim, but not so big that you’re just another number. Customer service is key.
  • Finance, Loans, Mortgage
    • After Bankruptcy Mortgage Refinance - Even after bankruptcy, mortgage refinancing is a terrific way to get ahold of your financial situation.
    • GA Loan - In addition to the GA loan programs offered by some counties, you might also consider looking into other personal loan options.
    • Consolidate Loan Student - There are consolidation assistant programs that provide all the guidance and direction you need to consolidate. Loan student liabilities can be reduced by a simple move on your part.
  • Banks
    • Bank of America Online Banking - You’ve probably heard of identity theft and potential problems that can occur with any online transactions, but with Bank of America online banking, your account is very secure.
    • Chevy Chase Bank - From the services and banking products they offer, to the dynamic way they treat their patrons, Chevy Chase Bank gets a big thumbs up!
    • Wells Fargo Online Banking - Wells Fargo Online Banking is a vital component of Wells Fargo & Company. With more than $420 billion in assets, they provide diversified financial services to more than 23 million customers across North American and throughout the world.
    • Wells Fargo Online Banking II - The people at Wells Fargo online banking want to hear your questions.
    • Offshore Merchant Account - The offshore merchant account is a little known small business tool that is perfect for those who make money online, but it'll work for just about anyone who processes credit card transactions, and it will make it possible for you to globablize your business, and reduce your taxes legally.
    • High Risk Merchant Account - Depending on who’s providing your high risk merchant account, your customers will benefit from the easy tracking systems, fraud protection and automatic and online billing available.
  • Investment
    • 2nd Investment Mortgage Property - With a 2nd investment mortgage property, it’s essential to think critically and clearly about the area and the property itself before you buy.
    • Iraq Dinar - Any encouragement to invest in the Iraq dinar fails to seriously consider the present chaotic condition of the Iraqi economy –as well as the continuing turmoil caused by insurgent groups across the country!

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