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Fireplace Tool: Essential Items for Your Fireplace Toolset

Types of fireplace tool sets come in a black finish, bronze, marble and stainless steel, just to name a few.



Fireplace Tool

by Trish Williams

The fireplace, in any home, sets the overall mood. Fire is hypnotic, and the relaxing and warm ambiance that is generated with a fireplace, is unlike anything else in a home. No matter what type of fireplace you have, a fireplace tool to always have handy is the poker. The poker is the most useful of tools, allowing you to strategically move the wood around in the fireplace.

Another fireplace tool that usually comes in a fireplace set is a broom. The broom is great for cleaning up the fireplace after the wood turns to ashes. It’s also useful around the outside of the fireplace for cleaning up messes.

Another fireplace tool to keep on hand is the shovel. The shovel has many uses and usually comes in handy for cleanup as well. Then you have the scariest fireplace tool of all – the three-prong claw. As a kid, I always thought of this fireplace tool as the devil’s pitchfork. Every time my father used it to move wood around, I’d think of the devil in hell, adding more coals to the fire. The prong is also known as the tongs. It’s handy for people who like to sit around and “play” with the wood and fire. Tongs come with two or three points of contact with the logs. The two-point tong is a more traditional fireplace tool, and the three-point tong is more modern and allows for easier moving of logs.

The fireplace tool, in any set, is usually made of a brass finish. Some tools have decorative designs as accents, and can be constructed slightly different. Depending on the style of your fireplace and the functional aspect of your fireplace tool set, you will want to carefully select what works best for your fireplace needs.

Types of fireplace tool sets

Some fireplace tool sets vary in length of handles. Short ones are designed for woodstoves. Longer fireplace tool sets are suitable for large stone fireplaces. Brass fireplace tool sets tend to reflect a more traditional style. These usually last a lifetime and come in a variety of styles to fit a person’s taste.

Other types of fireplace tool sets come in iron. Because of the new trend in decorating with iron, such fireplace tool sets may fit in perfectly with your décor. Other types of fireplace tool sets come in a black finish, bronze, marble and stainless steel, just to name a few. Basically, designers have made it possible to decorate your fireplace with just the right fireplace tool set to match your taste.

Where to purchase the fireplace tool set right for you

Most fireplace tool sets can be purchased at any home furnishing centers, or online. I’ve seen great selections of fireplace tool sets on sale online and on auction at E-bay. Shop around, compare prices, styles, and tools, and see which fireplace tool set fits perfectly with the décor in your home. Stay warm this winter, and keep that fire going in the fireplace!

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