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The Food TV Network is one example of the new food network TV media

The main reason Food Network TV has enjoyed such success is because of its creative shows and exuberant hosts.



Food Network TV
by Patrick Austin

Over the past few years, Food Network TV has enjoyed an increase in popularity. This may come as a surprise to some since it was predicted the network would fail quickly. I mean, who would want to watch food being prepared all day? Apparently, many people do so.

The main reason Food Network TV has enjoyed such success is because of the creative shows on the air and the exuberant hosts of these shows. Emeril Lagasse, you know the “bam!” guy, made his big splash on Food Network TV. He remains a fixture in their primetime line-up.

Food Network TV has filled their daily schedule with numerous creative and entertaining programs. Some of these programs include “Forty Dollars a Day”, “Thirty Minute Meals”, “Low Carb and Lovin’ It”, “Calorie Commando”, and “Iron Chef”. All of these shows obviously discuss food, but do so in such different manners, that you could wind up watching three or four hours of food programming and not feel bored.

Food Network TV enjoyed a great deal of success by playing re-runs of a Japanese food program called “Iron Chef”. Each week, after the surprise ingredient is revealed, a challenger and the Iron Chef face off in a frenetic culinary battle. The guest panel of judges reviews the menus to determine who is victorious and who is vanquished. This show gained popularity in the U.S. because of its cheezy dubbing and often hilarious banter between the hosts.

Probably the best feature of Food Network TV is that you are able to find easy-to-prepare meals just by turning on the television. Depending on the program you watch, it’s very possible to make most of the foods in your own home with short prep time. Here are just a few of the recipes you can find on Food Network TV:

Apple fritters, Italian fudge-filled cookies, champagne punch, fried pork chops, stuffed chicken marsala, coconut shrimp, apple-cider cured smoked salmon, and the list goes on and on.

Food Network TV has also forged ahead onto the internet. At their web site you can purchase recipe guides(like the meals I just mentioned), cooking supplies, and television memorabilia. They also feature a search link to help you find your favorite chef and his of her Food Network TV program.

If you’d like more information about Food Network TV, and recipe guides, check out these web sites:

Mr. Austin is a freelance writer who covers sports and health for a number of web sites including,, and He currently also covers entertainment and sports for Vainquer magazine.

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