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Ford Escape Recall: Dealing with an Unfortunate Trend

The Ford Escape recall is just one prime example of how many vehicles seem plagued with recalls.


Ford Escape Recall

by Rachel Johnson

The Ford Escape Recall is becoming a trend!

It seems vehicle recalls are on the rise, maybe they aren’t, but it sure does seem that way over the past couple of years, doesn’t it? Even the popular, well-known manufacturers are experiencing recall after recall. The Ford Escape recall is just one prime example of how many vehicles seem plagued with recalls. It seems that for the last couple years the Ford escape is frequently on the list of recalls.

The Ford Escape recall most recently announced in December of 2004 was due to an accelerator problem that could result in elevated engine speeds. Nice, huh? The sport utility vehicle that you purchased from the years 2002-2004 could have issues with its accelerator? Comforting thought, huh? This particular recall affected an estimated 363,000 vehicles. Not to worry though, Ford is very good about getting recall notices out to those who may be affected and then arranging to service the vehicle to replace parts.

Also in December of 2004 there was a Ford Escape recall due to faulty door latches. Not a huge deal, as many makes and models of cars are recalled for faulty door latches. This was another quick fix for the Ford Company who always deals with the recalls in a very professional manner.

In April of 2004 there was also a Ford Escape recall because engine may experience an intermittent stall when slowing at speeds below 40 miles per hour. Woah! This particular recall was for Ford Escape’s with the V6 engine, mostly the U.S. model years 2002 to 2004. Over 500,000 thousand Ford Escapes were recalled for this specific problem. As always, Ford handled the problem well by replacing defective parts.

A Ford Escape recall isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you own or are planning to purchase a Ford Escape you should still consider it. There is not many makes or models out there that don’t have at least one recall on something in them. When you think of all the little parts that make up a vehicle, it’s actually quite amazing that there aren’t more problems with them.

Basically, a Ford Escape recall is a good (well…) thing, it means the company has found something potentially hazardous and they want to make sure to remove the faulty items before they cause harm to you or someone you love. Ford is every cautious when it comes to recalls, so you can feel comfortable knowing you’ll be notified if your vehicle is suspected of having an issue.

If you receive a notice that your vehicle has been recalled, you can contact Ford at 800-392-3673 for more information. If you think your vehicle has an issue that Ford should be made aware of you can call your local dealership, or call the eight hundred number to report a problem. Remember, a recall doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it just means someone is looking out for your safety!


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