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Fred Meyer Jeweler


Fred Meyer Jeweler sells diamond and gemstone jewelry and well-known watch brands, such as Omega, Movado, Gucci, and Longines.

Fred Meyer Jeweler
by Patrick Austin

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Are you looking for that special gift? Want to wow your lady (or guy) with an eye-popping piece of jewelry? Then you should definitely visit a Fred Meyer Jeweler. They offer some serious "bling". Fred Meyer Jeweler sells diamond and gemstone jewelry and well-known watch brands, such as Omega, Movado, Gucci, and Longines.

Beginning in 1995, Fred Meyer Jeweler, through a series of acquisitions, has doubled its number of stores--to over four hundred and forty-- and can be found in thirty-four states. It also has more than one hundred departments in Fred Meyer stores. They operate under the names of Fred Meyer Jeweler, Littman Jewelers, and Barclay Jewelers and is a division of Fred Meyer Stores.

What’s so great about Fred Meyer Jeweler is the variety of jewelry, watches, and diamonds they offer. It’s the holiday season, and if you want to score some major points with your lady, you should certainly think about heading to a Fred Meyer Jeweler and getting her a beautiful diamond necklace or earrings. Here are a few examples:

Diamond Pendant

Diamond Hoop Earring

If you’re on a budget, you can still find a great piece of jewelry from Fred Meyer Jeweler. Even their discount items are unbelievable. They sell pendants, rings, and bracelets for fifty to seventy percent off retail price. Here’s a good example of a clearance item that could take her breath away:

Fred Meyer Jeweler isn’t just for women. In fact, if you’re a lady trying to impress your man, Fred Meyer Jeweler sells thousands of top-notch watches. The prices will vary, depending on the brand, but you won’t have to break the bank. And remember, if you get him a great present, he will take that as a sign to get off his butt and buy you a really nice gift as well.

Are you thinking about popping the question to that special someone? If so, getting your engagement and/or wedding ring from Fred Meyer Jeweler would be wise. They offer a plethora of breath-taking rings that will surely get a “yes” answer to that life-changing question.

If it’s your anniversary, then getting a beautiful anniversary ring from Fred Meyer Jeweler will show your loved one that you’re still thinking about them, even after all these years.

If you’d like to find out more about Fred Meyer Jeweler and other jewelry information, check out these web sites:

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