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Free Email Card: Best Cards Say Special Things Your Way

What I like most about using a free email card, is that I can personalize it to whomever I’m sending it to.


Free Email Card

by Patrick Austin

Holiday Helper: The free email card

The holiday season is here and now is the time to send out those special holiday cards. But with holiday cards, comes holiday hassles. If you take the conventional route to card buying, you have to go to a store, try and find the right card for the person you’re sending it to, then buy the card (which can be expensive, depending on the type), after that, you have to get postage, and finally you have to put your faith into the U.S. postal service to deliver the card on time (which is no guarantee, especially this time of year). Sending out a holiday card could quickly become a pain in the neck rather than a fun event.

If you’re in the mood to try something different, why not send a free email card. That’s right, there are web sites that offer you a plethora of holiday free email cards that you can personalize to your liking. Best of all, they’re free! And since it’s email, the recipient will receive the card within five minutes of you sending it. It’s truly a great tool to use for this time of year. No paying for postage, going out the cold to buy the card, or worrying about how long it will take to get there. It’s a true ode to convenience.

What I like most about using a free email card, is that I can personalize it to whomever I’m sending it to. I think it’s better to create your own card that represents your true feelings, rather than picking out a card from a store with some other person’s writing on it. That way, the recipient will know it came from the heart and not from some card company.

Concerned about the environment? Another positive to sending a free email card is that it cuts down on paper usage. That could help conserve a lot more trees, which will help the environment. So, in a small way, you’re helping the world by using an email card.

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