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Free Scrapbooking Template

You want a free scrapbooking template that will highlight the best parts of your pictures, that will bring out the vibrant colors of a sunset or the majesty of the mist covered mountains.



Free Scrapbooking Template
by Emily Burson

The Search for a free scrapbooking template.

Searching for the perfect free scrapbooking template? Finding exactly what you are looking for can be extremely difficult, for many reasons. Chances are no one feels exactly the same way you do about a subject. And since two people can look at an image and draw two very different conclusions, you can only imagine how hard it will be to find the perfect scrapbooking template.

You want a free scrapbooking template that will highlight the best parts of your pictures. You want a free scrapbooking template that will bring out the vibrant colors of a sunset or the majesty of the mist covered mountains. You want a free scrapbooking template that will instantly take anyone who looks at the page to the location you are highlighting. The ultimate purpose of your scrapbook is to bring to life a certain event, and a free scrapbooking template may be able to help.

However, be careful. Whatever you do, do not force your photos or design scheme to work on a specific free scrapbooking template. If you want all the pictures on your page to have landscape orientation, do not choose a free scrapbooking template where you have portrait holes to fill. That will only cause you frustration and resentment, and people will be able to tell that you tried to force the page to work correctly.

Any free scrapbooking template you choose to use should bring out the best in your pictures, not highlight anything you do not like. A free scrapbooking template is only a good time saver if it works for what you are doing. If you find a free scrapbooking template and think to yourself, ‘If only this or that were different,’ then do not even bother with it. You’ve already found things in the free scrapbooking template that you do not like. No matter how hard you work and how many changes you make, you will still always go to that free scrapbooking template and say, “If only this or that were different, it would be perfect.”

If you do happen to find the perfect free scrapbooking template, use it by all means. But, please do not use it on every page in your scrapbook. I have rarely found a scrapbook with identical pages that I thought was unique and captured the moments in the pictures perfectly.

A free scrapbooking template, like any other free craft item, should be used mostly to give you ideas for your own pages—what you like and what you do not like. Use the things that attracted you to the free scrapbooking template on your own pages. You can do that without actually using the entire free scrapbooking template. Any small piece that you find that you can use will only enhance your scrapbook. I would suggest using the small pieces of a free scrapbooking template to highlight your own creativity and personal style. Happy Scrapbooking!

Free Scrapbooking Template

Emily Burson is a 2001 graduate of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. She worked for a year as a full time copywriter before getting a job at her church, Sherwood Oaks Christian Church. She works at the church full time and loves it. She loves to read and write, and believes that children's books and young adult literature contain some of the most powerful lessons and messages that the written word has to offer. She is an avid scrapbooker and loves to travel, having been to Costa Rica, Venezuela, and Honduras, as well as many states.

If you would like to contact her about her writing, craft ideas, or book reviews, email her at erburson@

Also, read her personal thoughts on God, faith, life, culture, and more.


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