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Global Warming Article: Errors of Emission?

We seem to be creating a humongous microwave oven, and what's cooking inside it is our collective brainpower. A global warming article from Australia puts it succinctly: Global Warming 'Threatens Earth With Mass Extinction.'


Global Warming Article

by Amara Rose

Can a Global Warming Article Change the World? Errors of Emission:

When it comes to environmental awareness, the media are doing their best to rouse us from stupefied slumber. The headlines of any recent global warming article are enough to give you fever: "Global Warming Melts Peruvian Peaks", "Amazon Burning Makes Brazil a Leading Polluter", "Global Warming Is Killing Us Too, Say Inuit". If every world citizen, upon reading about global warming, changed his habits after seeing one of these chilling reports, our planetary temperature might return to normal in due course.

Global Warming, Cappuccinos and SUVs

But too many of us read about global warming events while sipping double cappuccinos made from coffee beans growing in our vanishing rainforests, or while sitting in traffic behind the wheel of a gas-guzzlin' SUV. Our greatest challenge is to realize Earth herself hangs in the balance. Just as with nuclear war, global warming affects us all. There's no place to flee. Unlike the choice of moving to another country if you're dissatisfied with the political situation at home, you can't escape global warming. Article after article makes it abundantly clear that we're all in this together.

Like Biblical Fire and Flood, Global Warming Threatens the Third Millennium

It's a different kind of war: as senseless, if more insidious, as the ones we wage with other forms of firepower. One global warming article says four million people are threatened by flooding in the U.K. Yet, in the US, the Environmental Protection Agency has lowered its clean air standards to allow power utility companies to improve facilities, minus the pollution control equipment previously required.

Global Warming Article from Australia Says It's Almost Over

Well, their belief may be soon be put to the test. We seem to be creating a humongous microwave oven, and what's cooking inside it is our collective brainpower. A global warming article from Australia puts it succinctly: "Global Warming 'Threatens Earth With Mass Extinction.'"

No Greener Grass, Only Greenhouse Gas

Global warming is our global warning. It is no longer a catastrophe waiting to happen; it is happening. As the comic strip character Pogo once said, "We have met the enemy and he is us." Trouble is, we're both “us and them”. There's no greener grass, only greenhouse gas, and no one at whom to point the finger and pass the buck. We all need to breathe.

Global Warming Reflects Our Blistering Behavior

So the question remains: can we become more conscious consumers, reduce our dependence on the latest rage, and thereby become as cool as we think we are when we're being conspicuously consumptive? Global warming is a reflection of how overheated we are as we go about modern life; all a global warming article or book does is capture our blistering behavior in print.

Reduce Fossil Fuel, or Become Fossils Ourselves

We must transform our errors of emission into values of volition. Adopt a penchant for species survival, which was imprinted in our cellular memory a few years before the innate desire for more horses under the hood. Otherwise, no global warming article in the world will make any difference. If we can't severely reduce our reliance on fossil fuel, we're just fueling our drive to become fossils faster.

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