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Golf Club Component: Secret Add-ons to Raise Your Game

There’s no denying the awesomeness that is the golf club component.


Golf Club Component

by Rachel Johnson

The Awesomeness that is a Golf Club Component

Ted and Pete were out on the green for their normal Saturday golfing ritual. Pete was always much better than Ted, but secretly Ted had shopped for the perfect golf club component to help him drive the ball much further and more accurately. Shopping online for a golf club component was sure to enhance his golf game! Pete hadn’t yet noticed the awesome golf club component purchased by Ted, but he was about to get his socks knocked off.

Ted slowly pulled his golf club out, pulled back, and hit the ball, feeling the full force of the spectacular golf club component! “Holy, mackerel!” Ted said as he watched just how much the golf club component had done for his accuracy.

“Dude!” Pete said excitedly. He glanced at Ted from head to toe. “What’s up with that?”

Ted shrugged, “I can’t help it if I’m good, man.”

Pete laughed, and then looked at Ted again. Ted just smiled smugly, as he held his club gingerly in his hands.

Pete was about to t-off when he stopped and looked down at the club in Ted’s hand, “Hey! You got that new golf club component we were talking about! Amazing!”

“Isn’t it, though?!” Ted smiled proud of himself. “I bought some golf club component kit off the Internet, and boy does it work like a charm!”

“How much did it cost and how’d you find it?” Pete asked, he wasn’t about to let Ted ruin his game.

“Ah, about a hundred bucks but there are some for more or for less, I just searched for golf club component and found some site that talked about how awesome it was.”

Pete nodded; of course he was going to have to get something more expensive than Ted. Obviously. No doubt about that. “So, does it feel different?”

“Dude, did you not see how far I hit that freakin’ ball? This golf club component is da bomb!” Ted pulled awkwardly at his red and yellow plaid pants.

“The bomb, eh Ted?”

Ted nodded, “The bomb-diddy! Best hundred bucks I ever spent.”

“Funny, last week you didn’t even know what a golf club component was!”

Ted laughed nervously, “Yeah, I’m still not completely sure, but you saw that ball fly and so did I. There’s no denying the awesomeness that is the golf club component.”

“No, no denying that.” Pete looked at Ted and shook his head, “But dude?”


“You look like an idiot in those pants, golf club component or not golf club component.”

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