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Golf Course Houston: Cool City, Pretty Course

Remember when you’re looking for a cool town with an awesome golf course, Houston is your city!


Golf Course Houston

by Rachel Johnson

Cool City, Pretty Course

If you’re looking for a great golf course, Houston is full of them. Even the most avid golfer will not get bored of the terrific golfing amenities offered in and around the Houston area. Houston is a golfers paradise with lovely weather all year around. Each golf course Houston has to offer is well manicured and scared for.

In this city there is always a new golf course, Houston boasts forty-eight public courses and seven municipal golf courses, so even the locals don’t run out of golfing options and challenges. Even the most experienced golfer will find be anxious to see the next golf course Houston has in store!

Want to know which golf course Houston residents like the best? Each year the golfers around Houston are polled. The most recent poll suggested that TPC at the Woodlands was the most favored by the locals. Most who were polled said they could “plan their vacation” around this particular course. The Falls was ranked a close second as a place many would also plan their vacation around!

The nice weather, challenging courses, and large golfing population has gotten many a golf course Houston residents, and people from the world over love, recognized on a national level. Wild Cat, Tour 18, and Black Horse have all been nationally recognized as some of the best golf courses in the world! Getting a golf course recognized nationally is a big deal, and something Houston golfers are very proud of.

If you are planning a trip to Houston you can go to several golf websites to find the specific locations and fees that apply to each course. If you plan well, every day you can experience a new golf course. There are many travel agencies that will set up golf tours for many of the major cities across the United States.

Houston is a warm and friendly place for visitors with well placed hotels and dining to make your golfing vacation that much more spectacular. If it will be your first time coming to Houston, you may want to plan your trip for the spring or late fall when the sun isn’t so hot the and the humidity isn’t out of hand, as heat and humidity can really affect your enjoyment of the game!

Remember when you’re looking for a cool town with an awesome golf course, Houston is your city! It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for in a golf course Houston has it! Come play our nationally recognized courses soon!


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