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Gospel Music Downloads: How to Choos the Right Ones

Paying for gospel music downloads does not mean you are getting scammed.



Gospel Music Downloads

by Emily Burson

The internet really does have everything. The record industry grows increasingly more worried every day that things such as gospel music downloads are going to completely destroy the market. People will stop buying CD’s, they say. Instead, they will just get their music online and we will lose everything.

Well, they are only half true.

Every day more and more people are turning to the internet to find the perfect song amongst the thousands of gospel music downloads available. All you have to do is type the song title into your favorite search engine, and you will find lyrics, as well as links to sites that offer gospel music downloads. While there was a time when you could then get every song for free, many consumers are enjoying the benefits of buying the one song they really like for a fraction of the cost of an entire CD.

Paying for your gospel music downloads is going to be pretty standard. In the post-Napster internet age, artists, studios, and lawyers are just looking for places where music is traded and downloaded for free. The artist’s argument above is somewhat true. If everyone got their gospel music downloads for free, the recording industry could truly disappear into oblivion. However, that is not very likely.

Most sites that offer gospel music downloads are going to require that you pay for the service they offer. You will have to pay a membership fee, a cost per song, or both. For most reputable sites, this is not something you should worry about. They are paying royalties to the companies that produce the songs, as well as continuing with the upkeep and maintenance of their site. Most of these sites are not scams, so do not worry. If you have to pay for your gospel music downloads with a credit card, make sure they use a secure server and they are a company with a good reputation. If you stumble across the music files of Jon Doe and he is charging you, leave the site and find one that has a successful history.

Before you get upset about purchasing your gospel music downloads online instead of getting them for free, think about this. Would you rather pay a minimal fee, usually under two dollars, to get the one song that you really want, or would you rather pay anywhere from fifteen to twenty dollars for an entire CD that may contain only a couple songs you even enjoy?

Paying for gospel music downloads does not mean you are getting scammed. In fact, it means you are doing everything right!

Emily Burson is a 2001 graduate of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. She has worked as a copywriter, is an avid scrapbooker, and loves to travel. She's been to Costa Rica, Venezuela, and Honduras, as well as many U.S. states.

If you would like to contact her about her writing, craft ideas, or book reviews, email her at erburson@

Also, read her personal thoughts on God, faith, life, culture, and more.


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